Friday, July 29, 2005


The more you stay away from people the more you know about them!!

I choosed to edit this topic to explain what I mean:

1- when you stay away from someone you love, you will know how much you feelings you have to him

2- when you stay away from someone, your mind is free to reform your idea about him, your mind is not biased anymore

3- when you stay away from someone you hate, you may find out you were wrong about him!

3- when you stay away from people you know how much you mean for them

once ago, when i was a child, a much older teacher and a friend told me: if you want to know someone, know him from both a distance and a near view.



AhmadTarek said...

Posting in work time ;-)... Iĺl tell ur manager ;)..

nice post

shop girl said...

hey free soul,

Interesting post, i agree with u it make a lot os sense fe3lan.
It goes with the saying " you dont know the value of something untill u lose it"

c ya around

free soul said...
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free soul said...

ahmed, first you need to find the manager, and find him free for 5 mins to talk to him, I guranatee this is not a simple task!!

I am searching for the man all the time, I try to find him for hours more than works hours all the time

thanks for passing by :)

free soul said...

shop girl, yes that is what i meaan but in the two directions!

sometimes you love a friend but when you are away for a while from him/her you start to consider your relationship in a more resonable way and without being biased by his/her effect on you, this can show you who is the true friend for you for good and for bad

the same for love, actually it is much right about love as we don't value those who we love until we lose them or seem like losing them :(

Marwa said...

Like this post and it does make sense.

May be I'd better stay away from ppl, say, for the rest of my life just to learn more about them and me?! ;) Hmmm... Will think about it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog Maged. Eb2a t3ala tany :)


Sray said...

I miss all my closest friends and family, and one thing is sure. Instead of knowing more about them, I am knowing more about myself everyday, about how much I love and miss them :).

LEMNA said...

hummm yaa ur exactly right, but it is a hard way we should go to know others...