Saturday, July 23, 2005


So lucky he is, free he is.

Flying in the sky all around, spreading his wings, feeling the air filling the space and following it in circles, up and down.

He used to look in the sad eyes of the others and feel grateful for the gift he has, may be they have other gifts too but who cares as long as he has the freedom to fly away wherever he likes!!

Today he is willing to fly away, much higher than the previous times; he will see the world from the top!

He flew and flew, higher and higher singing and rounding on air waves.

He flew and flew… until suddenly he hit something…

It seemed like a wall… and end!!

He couldn’t believe it, tried again and again to find a hole, to break through the walls around him…

Tired of trying he started to fall down until he finally fell on the bottom of his cage.

A hand came in and pulled the dead body of the small silent bird out of his cage…

Out to freedom


LEMNA said...

Dear pal,sad every day facin' story, sometimes I think whether we are free or not,I doubt y should the word be as a mistery...ppl make us cages, we ourselve make us cages, donno y!And wohhhh I deadly miss livin' free in a jungleeee freee from all tensions 'n ppl...It wonn happen!

free soul said...

yeah, we live in cages caged inside more and more cages, an infinite series of cages

sometimes we don't know we are prisoners, we think so until we try to go beyond the limits of our unseen cage, we then hit the wall and start to realize that we have never been free in any day of our life :(