Friday, July 29, 2005

The relative freedom

A few days ago, I wrote a short story about a little bird, a bird who lived all his life thinking he is free, flying in circles in his cage not trying to go any further, the first time he tried to go a little over those limits he hit his cage and fell down dead!

Actually, what made me write this story was a statement I told my self while I was talking to myself like usual, I told my self I am like a bird who used fly until he once hit his freedom limit to discover his outer cage and to discover how fool he was!

Do we really have freedom? I don’t mean political freedom or speech freedom, I am talking about freedom as a bigger concept, it is mind freedom that makes you open to accept other ideas, and it is soul freedom that makes you accept other nations and other concepts.

Now do we really have it and does it have limits?

Talking about myself I say yes I have limits, there is still some ideas that I can’t change or open my mind to let them change, they are related to my childhood experiences and up to now I can’t come to a decision whenever a thing come to a tie with those ideas.

I am trying to fly away over all the stones I was tied to but from time to time I hit a cage wall! Many times I could break through those walls but I know that once I will hit a wall I can’t break and I will fall down just like the end of the bird in my story, and die alone!

I called myself free soul thinking that souls have no limits, but my soul still bears a mind and a long history that it can’t get rid of them that simple, it may be even impossible!

Do you think that the bird was lucky in his life not knowing he is a prisoner and it was better for him not to know?


Sray said...

No one if perfect. No one is totally free of prejudices, jealousy, hatred... but the trick is to recognize that, and push back the prison walls everyday, and discover the beauty that lies outside, just outside your grasp.

That is what makes life worth living :).

free soul said...

yeah, and in order to recognize that you should all the time try to fly over the limits, whatever the others tell you and whatever they think, you should fly away over all ideas and check your own limits, try to get a look on the world out of this narrow idea and try to break through or push the walls a little

Thanks my friend for passing by here, and welcome all the time :)