Friday, July 01, 2005

Words in love

• When love comes, it never nocks .
• Love can come many times but there is always one unforgotten climax .
• Only the idiot will let go when he finds this climax .
• Most of us are idiots [even if we don’t dare to say] .
• When it is really love, you can easily hurt of get hurt.
• If you really love, the problems in the other part will mean nothing when compared to the value of being together .
• Don’t leave love for life, because love is all what is life about .
• When it comes to love, I become the worst idiot .



LEMNA said...

Woooohhh!palii those were reallly niceeeeeeee, I feel them:)

free soul said...

lemna, you give a real taste for the place here :)

Steliano Ponticos said...

Hey free soul. Its been a long time man. So are these your persoanl experience :D

free soul said...

hi stel, I know I havn't been around much, I will have my graduation project discussion next thrusday so it is almost over now :)

I have been in a discussion with some friends about love, so I got the results I came up to my blog here, some of them are of practical type of course :(