Friday, July 01, 2005


The room around him looked foggy, looked a little strange; he wondered if he is awake or still asleep

He opened his eyes more, things started to look clear. Yes he is certainly awake, it is another day then!!

Few minutes passed slowly without him making any move. He felt a deep empty feeling, no well to move.

Strange idea came to his mind, lying in bed he figured out that he don’t know what day was it!

He closed his eyes trying to remember any near even to conclude what day was it when another strange idea came to him, he doesn’t remember any important event, all the days just look the same!!
At that moment he moved up in bed, laid his back to the wall

He wondered, why all the days just look alike?

He tried hard to restore any important moment sad or happy but with no use!

Every time he tries he found himself with things from childhood, many years ago!

Yesterday, tomorrow, last year, past & future all looks like a single long empty day

He lay back in bed, closed his eyes feeling his head heavy moving in a loop...

Infinite loop…..


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

i like th is infinite loop..
HOW so very true.. don't we all pass by this status..

but u know i felt u r talking about a person in a prison.. am i right?!

free soul said...

if you felt he is a prison this is great, if you understood he is in a prison, this means it was a bad text :(

the idea was to give you the feeling of a man trapped in his own circule, this don't have to be because of a materialistic prison, sometimes the prison of mind is much harder to break though

the state is a state not all of us pass by, hope none of us do, becuause when you reach such a state you can't help getting out, and you really need a hand to bring you out

I passed through similar time, I was lucky enough to find someone to give me the hand of help ,even if this person don't know how useful he was and how much did his help mean to me :)