Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I should laugh, but I cry
Because your love has passed me by
You took me by surprise
You didn't realize that I was waiting

Time goes slowly but carries on
And now the best years have come and gone
You took me by surprise
I didn't realize that you were laughing

Written by Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings

Sunday, June 19, 2005

need to hear your comments

Hi all,

Tonight, I had my pervious post, a journey home, being discussed online on the radio.

I actually didn't expect that, and I even couldn't have the time to call and participate on the discussion online, that is because this is the first thing I ever wrote in english-and the last-so I never expected it to be the chosed one for the discussion, and expected one of the arabic stuff

I published it here a few days ago, I want to hear your opinions, should I keep writting in english or arabic or leave both :) and what you think about it ?

Me, Me, & me

Let me introduce you to the three of us, me, me & me!!

This looks so much like schizophrenia, I know, may be it is but listen to me first, you may change your mind

The first one is my mind, he is the strongest and the loud voice in this company, he is most of the time in control of things and here lies the problem

The second one is my heart, he is the very small voice but effective in my life, without the strong look of the mind, it draws me to the place it wants step by step slowly

The heart and the mind can never agree to a decision, they will all the time have conflicts together, here comes the rule of the third person, it is the soul

The soul is all the things that are born with you, not inside you, things that came with you to life naturally, no masks of life has ever covered it by any means, it represents your nature and your real identity as a human, yet it doesn’t represent your actions

I am composed of three human beings, one very reasonable, the other very romantic, the third very me, the question is, who takes the decision in your life and represent your personality?

I believe we are all composed of those three persons, but with different percentages, some make the mind the most important part, they don’t give any care for their hearts and their natural identity in the decisions, some care more for the heart, and some live life as it come to and as they feel without much care for both, and all the three are wrong

If you all the time forget your heart from your calculations, you can’t be happy as its voice will be weaker by time until it finally vanishes and you will have a hard dry life with no space for love

In all your decisions you need to make a good compromise between the three of them, trying to make them as much convinced as possible, sometimes one of them will complain and you can’t do a thing about it, but you have to go on

I used to talk to the three persons inside me, try to know what they want and what they need, try to discover the nature of each one all that trying to reach peace inside my heart

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

the bridge riddle answer

Hi again, here is the answer finally :)

person 1 (1min) & person 2 (2min) cross the bridge together---> 2 mins total

person 1 return ----> another 1 minute

person 3 (5 min) & person 4 (10 min) take the torch from person1 who just returned and cross together in total time -------> 10 mins

person 2 who is already on the other side, take the torch from them, and return with it in another --------> 2 mins

now person 1 & 2 cross together in ------> 2 mins

sum all the previous times you will find them 17 mins exactly :)

have a nice day

Friday, June 10, 2005


22 years of my life passed so quick that I can’t believe I won’t have to get up tomorrow to go to school!!

22 years I can’t think of any good use of them but one thing, my friends

I think now, after all that time ,of all the friends I had, and all the friends I lost, and I want to tell them all , wherever you are , and whatever the distance between us, I will always remember you and love you, you made me what I am and I can’t ever forget you, I really love you all

I remember here, ahmed gasser, my close friend, we spent 3 years together before he left school, we were like one person, understand each other without the need to speak, I met him 4 years later and spent a day like a dream together before he leaves again, and never had the chance to see him since then

I remember eslam, ahmed helmy, remon, mohammed samir my group in my childhood , I spent wonderful years with them, they are very kind guys, the only one I am still meeting from time to time (just by chance) is ahmed helmy

Mohammed abd el naby, the fun missile that never stop, I remember how we used to draw our teachers mad together, especially the old teach of English, we used to make her go red but she was kind and never had hard feelings to us

Ihab, and the nice few months I spent as vice director for the library of the club, he was my manager, and my friend , we went together in many trips, great days were they

Hala, hoda, mo3taz, ramy, same7, the big group of us in mubarak public library, I spent there 4 years, I had good relations with almost everyone, and had many friend of the supervisors like Mr. ala2 and miss shereen, we used to get the answers of all competition from them, so that we win them all (hoda was responsible for the cheating process)!!

Hala had a very strong and pure voice, I remember how she used to interrupt our meetings with a song to make the director of the play mad (the song was 3ala baly for 3ayda el ayooby), but we all loved her, Hoda was a very active person, but most of the time the language was her problem, she wasn’t good at all in Arabic and most of the time was speaking in French.

In my secondary school, ahmed fathy, tamer, hany (the houman secret weapon that can make you laugh to death), my friend ahmed (who died 2 years ago, mercy be upon his soul), ahmed gom3aa, and many others that I can’t remember their names now, we were a very big group, 3 years of freedom and life that can’t be described in a single book!!

And in the faculty, maged salah, the first I met in the faculty, kareem maysour, fadl, kamal magdy, kamal saad, eslam helmy, eslam kamal, ahmed, tamer, fayed, eyad, 3amar, 3anan (I have a fight with him, remind me to go and end it), ahmed moustafa, ahmed abd el rehem, mohammed abd el rahman, ahmed el said (he is an old friend from school days and lives 2 blocks away)

I had many friend of my teachers too, especially Mohammed yousef, the best teacher I ever had, laila el shar2awy, the sweetest and most simple girl I ever met, always helpful with a smile like a small sweet rose, may maher, the young but sounds like an old wise teacher, has a very kind heart and we started to know each other after a small fight!!

Many many others who I all loved all the time, I remember the 4 days we spent after the first day in the faculty in the north coast, amazing!!

I check the pics we took together while we were having a small party in the villa of fadl 3 years ago, and I feel sad cause I know things like that won’t be much possible anymore

That is a very long post indeed but as you see, I have many friends, I tell them all, I love you all, even if I didn’t mention you by name, I even saved 2 or 3 names for myself as they are too much to be described, especially the only one I loved and the 2 friends of my life (hazem & sito).

Thanks all, you made me different, you made me what I am

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tickle your mind

Ok, I am back, free and unemployed, so I have time to make my favorite hobby, which is to add silly things on this blog :D

Ok, the following was a question in an interview, see if it worth solving :

4 men on one side of a bridge, the bridge can't bear more than 2 men two cross it at a time, the four men has one torch and they can't cross it in the dark without it

the first man takes 1 minute to cross the bridge distance, the second takes 2 minutes, the third takes 5 and the fourth takes 10 minutes

now if two of them walk on the bridge together , they will arrive after a time equal to the time of the slower of them, example if person 1 and person 3 go together, they will arrive in 5 minutes, then person 1 (for example) should return back to return the torch to the others on the other side so they can cross using it .

now the bridge will collapse in exactly 17 minutes, you are required to find a way to make all men cross the bridge in 17 minutes

there is no tricks here, just a simple answer, have fun!!


Monday, June 06, 2005

Scary but real

Hmm, this story is real, that is all I can say, and I have no explanation for it

In one of the military camps in Egypt, in the desert and late at night, a solider got so thirsty; he went to the bath to drink where he found another solider

He step beside him, feeling good to find someone else in this dark not to be alone and he started to drink, when he finished he said: "ooh, I was so much thirsty"

the other solider beside him said while turning : "I have been thirsty since 1967" and when he turned the solider could see he had a burnt face, like the effect of napalm , you can say he had no face at all !!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The 5th of june


Today, and same day each year, it is one of the saddest days in my life.

Today is the day of 1967 war, or say defeat!!

Today is the day the government of Egypt more than 38 years ago didn't give any care or importance to more than 100,000 solider of our parents, relatives and thrown them in the desert randomly without an air cover, ready weapons or even a plan to fight

Today is the day of souls that will never rest in peace, as long as we can't take their revenge.

Today is the day we remember what happened not to hate Jews, but to love Egypt.

Today is a sad day, especially if you find out that you forgot to remember such a day!!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

A journey to home

I am going home now, are you coming? I guess not!!!

Yes!! Strange! OK, just follow me then.

Here we are just a few miles from my city, can you see it?

No? It is the one beneath the smokes out there.

Just don’t be scared if you see dead bodies around the corners, aah, that is normal here!

OK, just now don’t be panicked if you see melting corpse in the middle of the street, oh no plzzzzzzz, don’t check the face, this one may be someone you know!!

Where is my house? It is right there, or say was there in the place of those rocks

Now let me introduce you to my family, a dead father, mother still under the rocks, no chance to pick them out yet!
My brothers? They are all gone in the fight and bombing, sorry I know you never had the chance to meet them

My fiancĂ©e? Hmm, can we just change the subject? OK, she is the last to follow them, couldn’t catch up to bring her out!!

Now you must be wondering, why am I here after all?

I just guess I need to bury their bodies and rest a while in here

In my home!!!

[Dedication for everyone who lost family, country, home...]


3 years ago, after I attended a lab in the faculty, I got a phone call.

I remember I sat aside with many black thoughts, many memories

The dark cold winter nights, while I am moving quickly hand in hand with my grandfather to catch up with “el 3eeshaa prayer”, I hear “el ekaamaa” and I say in a weak voice: “we won’t catch up!!”
He says with trust: we will.

I say again: let’s go to this mosque, it is nearer!

He replies with full trust: no, we will go to the far one, to get the “thawaap ta3meer el masged”.

His hand holding my hand while we move, his soft directions on how el “wodoo2” and how to pray

Another picture come to my mind, while he waits for my return after I went with my uncle, he shouts in the face of my uncle because we are late (like usual) and my mom wants to leave

The family meetings with him in the middle!

3 years ago, I got a phone call from my brother telling me my grandfather passed a way quietly, he wasn’t sick and he didn’t complain about anything, he just left.

Many things I can tell you to understand how great that man was, lived without a single self wish and made all the people around him happy.
But whenever I remember him, I remember those cold winter nights with us moving quickly, hand in hand, together

God gather us soon I wish, in heaven.