Saturday, December 31, 2005

Today’s demonstration for the Sudanese refugees

This night, there was a demonstration against what the security forces did to the Sudanese refugees in Egypt, I wanted to attend but I was so sick and had an important thing to be done before 7 pm

I am not of the kind that like attending demos because I believe they are not useful but this time my heart was broke and I couldn’t stay home this time, I wanted at least to be there even for 5 minutes.

Ok, I finally decided to pass by, check up things just to be present there and may be take some photos, I was so sick and stayed just for 15 minutes there then left

You will see below some of the photos taken, but what is more important is the conversation that took place between me and 2 passengers and the driver in the taxi on my way to my other mission

It seems the Egyptians as a whole have no sympathy about what happened at all, they consider this as the normal end to the “foolishness” of the Sudanese refugees, it was really hard to convince them to understand the real tragedy behind the whole problem

Ok, I managed to convince them finally before we leave, at least they agreed, but I believe they still from the inside don’t care much even if all the refugees die, it was horrible to see that they are ready to accept the misery of other nations and accept excuses said by the government

Do you know what I believe now? I believe this reaction was all because we as a nation are tired from humiliation, we wanted to see one reason to feel our nation as a unique respected nation

In other words, while we are humiliated as we see everyday, we want to see a situation where we are treated better, this reflects at supporting any racist act like the one the government did.

We are eager to feel our dignity and unfortunately, we felt it strongly with the torture of the other weak humans

Now let me ask a question, if the protesters where from Russia, USA or any strong respected country, would the security forces do the same? I doubt it!!

The place of the demonstrations was full of security forces in civilian clothes and some high ranked police officers, some foreigners and very few Egyptians

No one there know me, that made me finish my stay there quick and leave after taking those photos

Friday, December 30, 2005

Sudanese refugees… No wonder

Yesterday, in one of its CLEAN operations, the Egyptian police ended the Sudanese refugees camp in the famous square in Giza, the operation was as I said clean.. because they mostly started it by pumping water on the refugees

By chance, only by chance, I was returning home almost at the same time, about 5 am in the morning, I live in the nearby so I had to pass by the place, all I saw was lots of security guards, I didn’t feel good, someone told us that they are willing to end the mess of the refugees today

At the beginning I didn’t believe, I told myself, they can’t do it without much violence and because many sides already know, they won’t be able to cover it yet it turned out that I am a big donkey

They used whatever they like to end the peaceful act they did, I say a peaceful act because I was there before and I know those guys didn’t try to get out of the place or do any problems to the traffic or the people there, things were going normal that I passed by the place many times before I noticed their presence there

Ok, 10 of the refugees died in the incident most of them are children before the government takes them to unknown place.

Really no wonder about what is going on, it seems the value of humans is being ranked, somehow in each country the value of a human is taking new ranks based on his/her identity, I want to scream and say we are all humans at the end, but it seems that is really nonsense in this world

I want to make a confession here, I used to act against Sudanese refugees long ago, before I reconsider my acts again, I was a very much nationalist and I was touched by the acts of some gangs of them moving in my neighborhood and honestly I didn’t like that

Those guys are innocent, they didn’t do anything wrong, whatever we thing their demands are justified or not, they have the right to say whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt anybody.

Last thing I want to say, think of them as you like, hate them or love them, support their demands or deny it but when it deals with their right to say no, support them to death

Support them to death because it is your right too, it is your right to say no, the same right that you lost long ago and will keep losing as long as you keep thinking of the problem as “are they right or not && they should go back, the war is over!

To the Sudanese refugees, we are all refugees in this world, refugees on front of power of soldiers, power of evil politics that control all our life, refugees on front of control powers that wants to take the last right we still have, the right to refuse even silently, the right to be different and declare it to the whole world

I will be different, I will not take your color, I will not live your evil game and will say no,

Sudanese refugees, Accept my little not important apology, not as an Egyptian, or a man that will be in military life soon and will be tied with orders, but as a human that is sick of all this cruel evil world full of fake lives, fake reasons and fake emotions

The day to be remembered here, 30/12/05, at the end of the year the Egyptian police used more than 6000 soldiers to force about 3500 Sudanese refugees to end their camp in the middle of Giza city, 10 died most of them are children, 3500 were insulted and hit by security forces, 76 million Egyptians stood negative and pillions of humans did nothing

Free ashamed soul

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Maged (t)= Maged(t-3)

For those who have background in comm systems, more specific for those who studied signals, they will understand the title of this post

Two days ago, I received the result indication that I was of the VERY UNLUCKY persons who will become officers in the army, this means spending 3 years of my life there.

Ok, away from the bluffing, I got depressed for about 48 hours, now I am feeling better, a little better not much

But honestly, I knew it far before they say it; I expected it, dreamed of it and knew it is happening

Now, when I see it coming true, I feel sad, for many reasons, one of them is related to how I tried to arrange my life and that I identified two paths, one of them away from Egypt, the other is inside Egypt, my family thought that I am stupid to decide to stay in Egypt

Now I don’t have much choice, and the only decision I could make is to leave right after the army period, that is just the first problem.

The second problem is that I felt guilty when I saw some guys that accepted this sad fact but while being sad, they kept thinking how to be useful for the country while they are in the army!!, I didn’t think that way when I knew, actually, it was like the sun suddenly went out!

Another reason is that my father all the time says it is all because of me because I didn’t want to apply for immigration as he advised me, sorry father, I still disagree but I will have to do that later!

Finally, I will not be allowed to write anymore on the net during my military service, minimum for the first 9 months and mostly for all the period of 27 months, this is bad but this is what I am supposed to do

Ok, everyone is keeping telling me that I should see the bright side, honestly I see a few but they are still of no measure compared to the loss of 3 years of my life, if you see something valuable enough to equal 3 days even of a persons life tell me

I know I look very depressed, which is not the case; I kind of passed this stage and already taking things as is and doing what I can to make things a little better

Yet those events made me think of things, many things I have dropped and many persons I have known in the past

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bored club

Bored to death circle

My friend Stel, started the bored club, generously, he assigned me an early seat (

To make it a healthy club, I think we may start by sharing why we feel bored that much!!

Here is my list of reasons:

  1. newspapers tell the same everyday

  2. I listen to the same music everyday

  3. I go to work everyday, I can’t take a day off in this period

  4. I can’t travel anywhere, they need me at work before I go to the army

  5. My mother and my sis have the same fights everyday

  6. It seems like things as they are in Egypt from the time of my birth, no real change in the soul (god bless the king, and the son of the king)

  7. I meet the same guys everyday, I can’t meet a lot of my old exiting friends, they have exams or married and left (

  8. My father tells me the same things over and over again everyday

  9. My military papers require me to go many times to military center

Ok, that is enough for today, complete to boring stuff later

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A new blog in the system

A new blog has been added to the blogger world by Me and Ensanaa

the new blogger is a step to understand more about the identity of the humans we are, a step to have more peace inside and own the self freedom that may be the gate to self acceptance and self improvement

Join us there, if you really really care to know more about your own identity, no dreams and no promises are given, it is just you, simple and easy, can you handle that?


Saturday, December 03, 2005

Noisy people, enough now!!

Walking throw the streets in Egypt is turning into living hell every day, in the 30 mins you take to reach your destination you must notice the pollution that people can’t notice any more because they got used to it, the sound pollution, 30 min in the rush hour today was enough to derive me really crazy !!

One of the things that always drive my relatives crazy out of me is that I never attend a marriage, I hate noise and can’t stand it so I come for 5 mins but when they search for me they just find out I am gone

You know, somehow we have that in our heritage, we are noisy when we are happy and noisy when we are sad, historically, in a marriage they used drums and in funerals they used special purpose women used to weep on the dead with high voices!!

Now all you need is to watch out while you are in a taxi or a public transportation and see the horrible frequent use of noise in horns and in the driver own voice all the time, oh boy how can they bear all that!!

It must be time to stop it, if the government don’t want to act like usual, we still can do that or even move a little against this horrible pollution, act now as an individual and never wait, in your car minimize the use of your car horn and in public transportation urge them to stop using it as much as possible or reduce their for it, it is unacceptable to live in this horrible noise all the time!!

People, how do you sleep in this noise?? How can you work or even breath in this noise, that is too much, really too much!