Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The light of my heart

24 hours are all that is left for me in my university…

24 hours in a life I hated much for many reasons and loved much for one reason!

What do I see when I look back is a long night with two spots of light, yes, just two far spots of light.

I admit I understood my own self very late and I spent the long black night incapable of seeing those two bright spots of light.

I admit the regret, I admit being a fool and I admit I will miss the light after it fades away…

I admit that the light was much far beyond the hand, beyond walls, high locked gates.

I admit I didn’t give myself a chance to walk to the light, to seek the truth, the freedom.

I admit I am not free yet, I am still tied up with a rock to the places of the old days where things were more pure and more innocent.

I admit I was wrong and couldn’t change but too late.

I admit that the light helped me a lot, opened the road for me, took my hand to safety, and got me out of my internal infinite loop.

I admit many things but one thing I know for sure; I will keep those 2 spots of light always in my deepest place where nothing can disturb them, in the deepest point in my soul.


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

free soul, you should have listned to the music i was hearing at time i was reading this post..
suddenly i found 2 treasured tear droplets sprung out of my eyes.. for you made me think and think again through o ut your little baby words.. how i miss belonging to my life!!

free soul said...


I really don't know what to say...

I was writting those words under a very heavy pressure, I spent the last 60 hours without a sleep, early at the morning while the sun was moving slowly checking on earth, I found my memories move out strongly and take me to the last few years knowing how much I will miss them