Friday, April 27, 2007

Horizontal vs vertical thinking

Ok, vertical thinking is the way we all know, givings and work on those givings lead to findings

on the other hand we must admit that most of great findings were somehow found by chance, or at least before they come to the light there was no real basis for them before a genuis mind could reveal them

this is what is known as horizontal thinking, it is the way in which you are not tied to the well known basis of some matter, your mind is open to start from any brand new start, make a revolution at any time on the current theories and make up your own, even if it looks and tastes wrong, you start testing it and if it works , yooha, if not then you learn at least from the experience

they said before the invention of the radio that it won't go far a way, they were basing this on real strong basis that radio waves move in direct lines, but testing succeeded, why ?

simple because they didn't know -and the one who made the test didn't know either- that some parts of earth air can reflect certain radio frequencies!!

horizontal thinking is like digging in the desert,. when you have difficulty in one hole you just desert it and make a brand new start in another location, while vertical thinking insist on being committed to the well defined basis and try to make the hole deeper and deeper

From a book by Edward De Bono

Friday, April 20, 2007

Smart enough? Solve this !!

A merchant was in debt for an old ugly man, the old man asked the poor merchant for his money or his daughter to be his wife

The poor man and his daughter were in trouble, the old man then suggested that god could give them the answer, he suggested to pick two small rocks, one black and the other one is white, put them in a bag

The girl then will be asked to pick one of the two rocks, the white one means she is free of the marriage and her father free of his debt, the black one frees her father from the debt yet she has then to marry the old man

When they came to the selected place, the old man picked two rocks and put them in the bag, the poor miserable girl noticed that he picked TWO BLACK rocks, if she refuses to pick one he will send her father to prison, she can’t either uncover that he is cheating because she can’t guarantee his response

If you where in her place, what would you do ?

P.S : If you know the story don’t answer it, just use your mind if you don’t know it, traditional ways mostly won’t lead to a good answer

Try not to be cough cheating from the old man or else, you will have to marry the old man :D

It is simple, but a little tricky

Good Luck

Monday, April 09, 2007

Friend (Dedication)

Very long time ago, something like 2 years ago, and all by a coincidence I was discovering the features of Blogspot service, I pressed the next button after my blog to go randomly to another blog and it was hers’

From the first moment I read the few texts that were there on her blog at that time I felt comfortable with it, I felt like this buddy could say things I always wanted to say

2 whole years passed, during them I visited her blog times and times and somehow I started to believe that my visits to her blog sometimes reveals things about me that I didn’t know before, in many cases small words she wrote could help me change my point of view for some important decisions, even if she never knew about that

it was the first friend blog I meet , for sure I met many others and liked many others but to say the truth, this blog meant to me a different thing, it had a taste thing like a voice in me, a voice that says the truth that I sometimes can’t say or can’t face

wisdom is not something you learn from books, it is something you learn from ppl like her and somehow I got to learn more from this friend, our similarities are much even if we don’t share language or home country, yet it seems that souls are shaped regardless sometimes of any conditions

this friend is Lemna …

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The lost feelings

it started long ago when I found out that i can't feel the pain, i don't mean feelings pain, I do mean physical pain, getting hurt and cut in my body couldn't be sensed !! years passed and I got used to discover wounds in my body by chance after they bleed for long without me feeling a thing!!

few days ago i felt something in my leg, i checked to find a deep hole in my leg, i don't know how it did happen but it seems that something went through my leg and came out again from the same entry leaving a deep and a little wide hole

it reminded me of a similar thing when i got up to find out that i had a cut in my leg of about 8 cm long , blood all over my clothes and not knowing how it happened


losing the feeling of pain may be something simple compared to losing the feel of happiness, since a while i lost the sense of happiness, the things that used to make me happy can't thrill me any more, it seems that i forgot how to be happy too