Thursday, October 26, 2006


The last three days of Ramadan in Alex, this was a great time actually

I needed this time, I really needed this time as a real refreshment of my soul, and it has been sooooo long since I last went to any place by the sea, whole 4 years

My flat there, I almost forgot how it look like, I arrived late on Saturday and returned on Tuesday early morning

You may notice that I returned the first day of the feast, I meant that because I hate noise and crowds so I picked the days I know that Alex will never be crowded in and I was right, it was great without crowds, quiet and beautiful

Sitting by the sea, listening to music and watching the black sea without any light but small lights from the far far boats, the sound of the wind around

I had a great time yet I wanted to be with myself more, some stuff needed me to clear my mind to think of and I had my friends with me so although I got great pleasure there yet I wanted to devote some more time to be with myself, the true one that I need to talk to now before taking some important decisions

I think I will go there again soon, some stuff has to be finished, big stuff that will shape my future for ever

Friday, October 13, 2006


When she looked at me deep in my eyes I understood that she now understood

The question in her eyes was clear, she feels the difference but don’t know why

As I didn’t tell her the reason in the begging I couldn’t tell her the reason at the end!!

Inside me I knew the reason: my dear... In the past you used to occupy a great area of my heart, now you just occupy a similar area but in my mind only... Without you there my heart is empty and gloomy!!

Years passed over that scene yet I still remember it, where are you now my friend and what life did with you??