Friday, July 15, 2005

Graduation project photos (updated)

Hi all,

I took some pics on the day of my graduation project, I made an album for them, try to guess which one is me (easy question I think)

another album was made for the graduation project day of power dept (my friends)

the one with long beard is a student of the first year, I teached C++ for that great man and he is a read friend for me now, he deserve the best, a very kind and full of action boy

the others are my friends, the lab you see in one of the pics is the place I used to teach in through the last 3 years for the first year students, the rest are some photos all around the faculty



shop girl said...

Hey freesoul, congratulations on ur graduation and welcome back :) the pics are very nice bas 3andy so2al mohem gedan..howa el swimming pool ely fel sowar dah 3andena fel koleya? 3ala ayamy kan mostanka3 keda! i graduated in 2003 3ala fekra.Yalla c u around

free soul said...

shop girl, how are you, I missed you in the last 35 days (my project days :( )

thanks so much, it was a great nice day although I missed many friends who couldn't come but I had a great day

the swimming pool is in the place of that "mostankaa3" that is true, they just made it this year, I don't know if it started to work or will start soon but it seem to be ready


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

ummm congrats on ur graduation project

free soul said...

"3o2balek" ya lasto adri, we te3zemena fe el mona2sha beta3tek keda :)

I was attending the discussion of the project of my friends in power dept today, I took more photos with them and for the faculty, I will post them later :)


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

i am not a power dept by the way.. ana lessa without any speciality.. that is the new lay7a in our place..

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

alf mabrook ya maged ... look , ento na2eshto 7'alas walla lessa .. asl feh wa7ed el nahrda fe el koleya kan beyes2alny 3aleko ... we kan 3ayez ye7dar mona2shetko ...

matensash ba2a ... ma3adna 3la el ahwa ensha2allah :P

free soul said...

yes we had our discussion last thrusday :) and we got excellent :D

this man that was asking about us in our dof3aa or from another dof3aa ?

another thing, do you remember the photos we took together, where are they as I am uploading my albums online now :)

finally, I sent my CV to many "ahawi" and I will be having many interviews this week I guess :D

# Juwaireyah # said...

Alf Alf mabrook ya free soul, I'm really happy for you :))

I'm really sorry I haven't posted in a long time, but I was really busy, and still busy with the courses, training, and preparation for the graduation project :(( Rabbena yostor, we 3o2bala ya rab ma a post ana kaman sowar mashro3 el takharog :D

the pics are really cool mashaAllah, don't forget to pay me a visit, I'm gonna blog right now.

salam :)

free soul said...

Thanks juwaireyah,

I know how you were busy, I was so busy the last 35 days myself with the project but thank god it is over now :)

yalla sheddy helek 3ashan nebareklek orayeb ehna kaman :)

LEMNA said...

Hiyaaa pallll welcome back:)
Veryyyyy Congratulations on ur graduation and wohhhh ur photos sound great:)
Hope you always be happy 'n successful for ever:)

free soul said...

lemna, I lost this year many friends due to distance, but the same distances gave me many other friends, you were the first :)

although I feel terrible for that I won't see my beloved friends so often again (and sometimes never) but I understand that god gave me many friends here to overcome such hardtime, you are always here beside me and I am very grateful for that, especially for the good wish in your comment ;)

By the way, I posted much more pics that show the faculty from many angles and many places, I guess they are better as the first time the butteries were out and some pics were without flash light :D


# Juwaireyah # said...

Salam everybody
Plz check out my latest post in the blog, would love to hear ur feedback
wassalam :)