Friday, July 22, 2005


First view: "how could people have such evil!!?”

Two cars in a small crash, the two drivers left their cars and went to each other, in a moment and almost without a word, they started a big fight hitting each other like an old enemy, thrown on the street in the dust and turning over each other

Second view: "don't talk about law anymore"

My dad driving on the road to the airport, a police car make a small turn to his side, hit his car!!

My dad stopped on the side of the read expecting the other car to do the same but it ran away, the police car ran away after it made the accident!!!

Third view: "Discipline"

Me crossing the road after I checked the coming way, I hear a very large sound, I turn to find a car coming from the wrong way, the man inside looks at me as if I am doing something strange to cross the road while he wants to move "in the wrong direction”, for a while I stopped thinking what to do with him, then I moved to complete my way.


Karim Elsahy said...

Set up a protest against terrorism tomorrow in the streets of Cairo. Do it. Call everyone you know, join together, link up this Egyptian blogosphere and to the streets.

Karim Elsahy

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

don't tell me about such people, i know them by hard. sadly, that htat been the majoirties' ruls: ti break the rule.
even the doctors in our universties do that*who are supposed to be the cream of our society* so don't blame the truck driver or even the car that ran away.
btw: its noe evil in ppl to start a fight or a quarrel. I believe its more likely a rage of anger inside everyone. tell me how many times u felt u wana break something ?! .. so when they find a chance, they do that and VERY violently with the first passer by who break lights with them, or turn when its not the time.. blah blah..

bas shoft el moseba elli 7asalt :S

free soul said...

lasto, you are right, but about that evil thing, they were fighting like old enemies believe me, nothing to prepare them for that , the accident was a very small and in most cases people forget about such small accidents but they were just about to kill each other that no one dared to interrupt them until police arrived in seconds!!

I just was shocked

free soul said...

you didn't tell me, the old template or the old one :) ?

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

na this one is far better.... but can u change the bacground picture..

or tell ya.. if u want, i can help u with that.. just give me one pic uwant as a packground , n i'll c if i might help :)

free soul said...

thanks, I will seek a background pick that represent the name of the blog and send it to you

Asl ana este3'laly mesh hafawet 3ozoma zay de belsahel :D

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

waiting for ur este3'lal :D