Monday, October 15, 2007

Humans & destiney

2 years go i read a mail on my college group , it was speakiung about nmormal & upnormal ppl, the mail was making fun of the traditinal ppl who live and die in a traditional way.

Triggered by the amil to think about the issue i looked to the other side of the story ; who is the happy one, or say, who is the lucky between them ??

yesterday we had a big discussion that lasted for several hours , it was like the following points:

  • who is the ordinary and the extraordinary man ? Is it related to achievements?

Achievements were never a good measure , lots of ppl have abilities that never find its chance...

I think then a good definition would sound like : a person with upnormal gifts & abilities and the most important with the abilitiy to take hard decisions.

This upnormal person has always greater awareness than other normal ppl , his direct interest cycle is larger and exceeds his personal interests

a man with wider interests has wider and bigger problems, he has more troubles than others and certainly then, more pain!!

at this point i was satisfied that the lucky one is the ordinary one, he lives a normal life matching his abilities , not reguired to make a difference & he is satisfied with what he got, he is like a water drop in the river, it never tries to swin the other way and it is not required to do so , when she gets tired, it will be pulled norally by the flow to the right direction..

we can say then : less awareness, less care, less pain and finally more happiness!!

i thought that being happy is a selfish demand but don't we deserve to go selfish sometimes??

but a friend gave me a different look on the crisis:

why don't those small problems represent as heavy lood for the normal person as the huge problems do for the upnormal person ? I mean related to his limited gifts those small problems could fill his life and represent the same worries as for the upnormal man!! ??

isn't it also related to his abilities and qualifications ??

i really don't have a direct answer for this question, but i noticed something:

as much awareness as higher the rates of suicide and depression goes, compare between countries and cities and between individuals and you will see what i mean !!

now, doesn't this support my original idea??

the final point was about choice:

i guess we really don't have the choice, the normal man can't live upnormally because it is beyond his abilities, also the upnormal man can't go selfish and live a normal life for himself only, his idle abilities won't let him do it, he can't taste the happiness immetating to be someone else, simply, he has to be the one he is !!

back to the original question i really wonder, is it really a gift to be different or is it a duty, who is the really gifted one in this life then ??

once a person told an upnormal person “ son, you are different, you will live unhappy and die alone!!! “

Monday, October 08, 2007

Moving backwards

you have two options to move backwards:

1- either you move backwards

2- or just stay still in your position while all the others move forward