Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Act against terrorism (Invitation)

بدءاً من ظهر الخميس 28 - 7 - 2005

في حديقة ساقية الصاوي

اتركوا وردة ، أقيدوا شمعة ، خطوا عبارة ، اتلوا آية ، ضعوا صورة ، ارسموا لوحة. شاركونا في التعبير عن مشاعر الحزن على ضحايا التفجيرات الارهابية ، و في اعلان آرائكم في مواجهة الارهاب.

تقوم الفكرة على تنظيم رد فعل شعبي ضد الهجمات في صورة فنية هادئة كما حدث بعد تفجيرات مدريد و لندن.

ركن صغير يضع كل واحد فيه ما يعبر عن تضامنه مع الضحايا: ورقة بأسمائهم، شموع، آيات من القرآن أو من الإنجيل، كلمة رقيقة، وردة أو باقة ورود، لافتة....إلخ
الأمر متروك لإبداع كل واحد

لن يكون هناك تظاهر ، و لا تجمع ، و لا هتافات ، و لا لافتات معادية للنظام. الهدف واضح و هو رفض شعبي هاديء للإرهاب الذي هو عدو الجميع.

سيستمر الأمر بإذن الله أياماً عديدة بعد ذلك ، فإذا لم تستطيعوا الحضور يوم الخميس القادم ، فيمكنكم الذهاب للساقية في أي يوم تال.


Starting from Thursday 28/07 at noon, in the garden of el sakkia (in Zamalek), you can leave anything to express your feelings about what happened in Sharm el-Sheikh and about terrorism.Just put anything you want, a picture, a poem, a candle, flowers...
No protest, no politics and no demonstrations! Just saying no to Terrorism, our common ennemy.
It will be open for sometime after this Thursday, so come anytime you like!


free soul said...

Hope all can come, I will go myself after work about 7 pm

FROGGY said...

i am going probably early.. try to guess what i'll put :)

free soul said...

hmm, it is not flowers, I know you are interested in music but don't think you can use it there :)

it is not a paint, may be it is a photo? or a poem? I don't know :(

I am very bad at guessing!!

FROGGY said...

hi, it will be in the river hall. if u don't know where it is, ask for it, it is in the garden in front of the nile. it is at the end of the stage there.
well, i ended up by putting more than one thing there. u'll find papers and colors also.
anyway i won't say more, the rest will be a surprise. waiting to know how did u find it.

free soul said...

I went there later about 8 pm I found my way to the place (this is my first visit there by the way)

Ok, no more guessing :(

there were two photos, I think you put one of them, and the colors and the paper there, I got a pic for the place so you can tell me what did you add exactly :D

I was totally used up after this very long day as I had more actions to be done for the rest of the night, I came too late after staying up for about 20 hours and I need to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep

I will post the pic soon here with some new topics

FROGGY said...

i'm waiting to see the photo to see what has been added, i've posted a photo in my new blog. hope to see a big difference :)
anyway, the photos, i just printed them, i mean my friend's printer was broken so he called me and asked me to print them.
i've put a printed phrase, colored red and green (it was in the top left). i've drawn a little, the one one the floor with earth, pigeon and flowers, the hand with word peace (but i didn't draw the symbol in the middle), u see we were working together, like someone has an idea, another one drawing it. i also wrote 2 papers (not me who composed it).
anyway post the pic and i'll tell u which exactly.

FROGGY said...

here are some photos at

free soul said...

some of these photos were taken after I left as I see some changes in there

I see you spent time preparing for your tools :)

I couldn't have time to prepare a thing but I wanted to make the visit to the place and drop something, I came after work hours to home to take the camera then left again, I spent there 10 mins only taking photos and left a small comment on a paper

I see you had things everywhere, I will post some pics here, but they have one problem, the date is not set so the date is printed wrong on them :(

I didn't discover that but too late as I forgot to check the date before I go !!

FROGGY said...

well, the secret about having time to prepare, is that, we didn't put all when we arrived. we had to wait for a while to finally choose a location for that and to get the approval and stuff like that so while waiting, we did some of the papers.. (i just had prepared one at home before going) then after that we hang them (see my pic, this was before i leave, at about 5pm).
it's nice that u liked it. if u have the opportunity to attend a concert in el sakkia, u'll love it. the stage inside is really great. i didn't attend a concert in the stage outside but i guess it would be great too.

Anonymous said...

wish i could understand what have u written.ANyway all the best,and i want u to let me know what all happend,and i too extend my hands in such noble cause(unfortunately not directly).Enough of this brutal dance in the name of humanity,,,lets all join together to wipe it away and see that lost smile on faces which has been covered by this dust.


free soul said...

hi jenny, thanks for coming again :)

the arabic text is just a copy of the english one, a several boming attacks striked a city in egypt called "sharm el shekh" and causing horrible damage and 88 dead and 200 wounded :(

this invitation was for a symbolic act to show that we refuse such acts and that we are ready to act hand in hand to face such mad ideas and turn the universe to a more beautiful place were justice is a fact not just a dream

if you have any ideas how to help in the way of this goal you are welcome and we can organize how to spread it over the net between all our friends

Thanks for coming again, you are very welcomed here :)