Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sharm el-Sheik

yesterday, while I was coming from a long night with my friends , I arrived about 3.40 am and turned on the tv, like usuall on alarabiya tv channel and you all know the rest!!!

but I want to state some notes in here:

1- Sharm el-Sheik is the most secured place in egypt, how could terrrorists pass thorugh all that to plant 7 bombs inside!!!

2- habib el 3adly, the man half the country wanted him to leave, what could he give in a real threat like that?? I think he gave all the egyptians a real reward for their patience, 83 dead most of them are egyptians and more than 200 wounded, also where are all other security agencies, isn't this a good time to question them about the money they take from us and how did they spend that money to save our lifes?????

3- the first time I hear that tourism represents 30% of our national income, I wonder if such a percentages is acceptable for a country like us, I mean this great dependence on tourism in a big country that they tell us it is improving in industry and agriculture everyday, what is going on here exactly????

4- they captured 2000 after the previous blasts, the government sayd 500,. the first responsible man is still free, how come!!!!

5- I am really worried about freedom of speech and freedom as a whole in egypt as a consequence for such an act.

6-Emergency law has been applied for over 23 years now for the sake of security of Egypt, the question is: did we get what we were promised of for what we sacrificed of our freedom due to this law??

7- the poor security guard of the bank beside my house is still asleep :)

it is another bloody day, when people start to think of humans like numbers in a record not like humans, families ,relatives and friends


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