Monday, August 01, 2005

Andre Agassi (USA)

I don't know why I love this player, but he is my favourite tennis player!

checking his record today while I got nothing to do - like usual - in work, I found the following data :

Singles Titles:
Double Titles:
Prize Money:

didn't I tell you? ok, I do love tennis but I don't play it, I do love handball for different reasons as I used to play it in the past before I get hurt and stop playing it (I was very young and I decided to stop, I do regret that ) :(


FROGGY said...

I couldn't see tennis and not comment. i'm crazy about tennis. i used to play for fun.. but now just watch matches and follow the results on the net.
u forgot to mention that he is the only active player who won all grand slams, the last one to do that was rod laver.
i remember agassi, in the old times, with his long hair. i used to love him.. then i didn't like him (when he came back and won the roland garros 99), but now i like him again. but for me, the greatest player is sampras (from this generation). but i guess federer and nadal can beat their records, we'll see that in the few years comming.

free soul said...

The man has an incredible record!!

Sampras is the second on my list, he was the first on my list for long, and I believe he is a better player but I find myself like the way of Agassi :)

I used to follow both of them each time I see tennis match on TV, now I keep the results and sometimes, by chance only, see a match!
I missed the previous match which was yesterday, but I got its result from the net when I got up and so I posted those statistics about the man

Federer is going fast and he still has at least 6 years of playing as he is still young, years will show us if he can print his name in tennis books as they already did :)