Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pessimisim group

Ok, the idea is simple, me and some of my friends started to notice how we have a different look on the world, more specific a pessimistic look

I was discussing with one of my pessimistic friends about creating a group to gather us and speak about our different ideas, all in a pessimsitic frame, what do you think guys?

I believe if we grow in number we can get a good deal with a hit man to take over our mission and finish our bad luck, side benefits from the group :)


Friday, June 01, 2007

40 years after 1967

Just starting early this year, can I make a call for all of us to take an hour a day for the following few days until the 5th of june comes to read about this war?

can we dedicate a little portion of our future to review our past so that we might, i say we might learn something that may be of great importance one day ?

can we dedicate some small part of our busy lives for those who lost their lives not even knowing why and how ? can we?

can we forget our differences a little, christian, muslim, shiie, liberal, ekhwan or whatever and remember that bullets never looked for a name or religion?

can we ? simple test it is but will be do it?


al arabiya


Egyptian POWs

BBC news on the 5th of june