Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The question is yours!!

A simple question this time:

Is it better to work all your life in one job and master it (may be even the same technical part of the job) or is it better to work in different things and be half experienced in all of them?

Any help?


FROGGY said...

well it is a difficult question to think of. it depends on the person. as for me, if i like my job and i'm satisfied with it and i can fulfill my ambitions then i won't change it. i think that even if doing the same job all the time, u can improve, learn, gain experience even have bigger ambitions. the problem is that the person is never satisfied with what he has (i do that sometimes too), that's why some people looks for another job or carrier, just cos they r feeling not happy or satisfied with it.
i guess i didn't answer directly yes or no, just telling my thoughts.

MoonLightShadow said...

I believe that specialization is better than moving on and on from one career to the other. But you have to be ambitious to reach the top level of that career, meaning, you shouldn’t stick to the position you are having and the thing you are doing and that’s it. Rather, you have to develop yourself within that career, and you might change place you are working at, but all within the same field.

Umm, did I answer the question?! I don’t know, but still I believe it depends on the type of person you are.

LEMNA said...

My dear pal,I think it exactly depend on the person and his/her rate and level of satisfaction. I myself like learnin' many different things and also my field of study was like that too(Industrial Engineering).Also I like takin' risks alot.But this doesnn make me change my job all the time,since in 9 months once i have done it,and later as i had more other job recommendations but i didnn change it.U see,it depends in many things one is ur satisfaction of ur current job,others are: ur current job position and the new one, ur current job environment and the new one, ur co-workers in both them, whether u r the manager of what they have assigned to u or others should check it back and filters and filters, ur salary and many other reasons. So it is not only that thing to be considered, we should check many other elements too. Me myself if the whole things were equal, would choose the other one to learn more,cuz then i could find my other likings in them, we have a sample, we say someone who knows of many things but some from all of them is like an ocean with 0.5 meters depth!I like it:DNevermind what ppl say!;)

free soul said...

froggy, you somehow support the idea of spending long time doing the samething for the reason of perfection, that is right from a side

but I remember I had a discussion about such topic in secondry school and we argued that a man doing same job all the time will reach what is called "mind stall" when he starts to do the same work in an automatic way, of course this depends on the personality of the person as you said, as some persons when move from a job to the next same kind job seeks how to make it better from its pervious one

I am of the kind that can't do the same job twice, I remember I had an idea of a program, I went to a some older friends (mai and laila) and told them about it, they were very supportive but warned me of a special part that it will be a real challenge!
I worked day and night on my little program until I finished the challenging core of it, then I discarded the whole project, I simply got bored when it represented a traditional task to me, I do regret that now after I knew from another friend that a big american company got the idea and developed it into a huge multi programming language system :(

It is right it depends on the person, I am of the wrong kind for that I thinkl

free soul said...

moonlightshadow, welcome here for the first time, hope you like my little blog

you support moving on "in the same career" this makes you know something about everything, I love that way as a person, I love to keep the keys of the solutions in my hand and keep all the solutions in the safe so that whenever I need them I know where to go and have the keys I need :)

but I love to be more challenging, to invade other worlds, I heared about a character (american woman, I don't remember the name) she was the first to invade the brokerage work , and after many years in this work she changed her career to be a decoration designer, then again she started to develop to tape videos about her designs, then she started to write books about her experience

life is very big, I don't want to be in the same dot all my life in this big ocean

free soul said...

lemna, then if you have the same "advantages and disadvantages" you would choose the other job, that is brave I admit :D

The saying is great, the question is, do you prefer to be a small lake but deep or a big ocean with one meter deep?

I prefer the ocean solution, I can't help it this is how my life guides me all the time, and seems you want to be an ocean (on conditions of not losing :D)

I know a man who worked as a network engineer in cisco for 7 years, he had an excellent position then suddenly he choosed it is enough of cisco networks and he moved to a startup company to develop the new WI-Max communication systems , that is a real brave man (don't know if that is right or not, just saying he is brave to do it :D)

LEMNA said...

Dear Maged,
Yaa i'd like to be an ocean:D:D;)
That is the life it had guide me that way 'n this is me enjoyin' that:$
Hope u be safe in this dangerous way then:D:)