Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Islam & Terrorism

This is the first time I write about a religious topic, most probably the last time too.
That is because from the first day I wrote something in here I wanted to make this place for free souls of any religion, no pre conditions and without limits, but this can be considered a mistake or call it an exception

I saw a show tonight on aljazeera TV about terrorism and Islam, it was discussing if Islam instructions are the reason for all the madness some Muslims do or not, let me tell you what I think in few points:

1. the show is silly, they got us two teenagers, closed minded and made them fight on air.
2. I hate it when you consider yourself right and start to insult the other side beliefs, even if you are sure you are right that is not a reason to insult the other side.
3. I agree totally that Islam instruction has a rule, but the “lack” of it has this rule, as in all our holy quraan we have instructions calling for peace, and few other instructions calling for fight in case of danger, terrorists are mostly of ignorant and limited minds people and they can’t interpret what quraan wants to say, they depend on parts of the book and make it the base for what they do.
4. a big responsibility lies on the Muslim countries, they acted against a good Islamic teaching, now most of us the Muslims know almost nothing about Islam but the few acts we do (praying, fasting) but the core of Islam is missed, here comes the rule of terrorists when they fill this gab with their corrupt ideas and guide generations to destruction
5. some old Islamic researchers made books that call for terrorism, I admit that but they are not angels, we have minds to review what they wrote and how did they conclude that from the holy quraan, mostly they are wrong but our closed minds refuse to review what they did and starts to convert what they said into a sacred rules
6. no religion calls for blood, we believe in all religions and piece is the core of all religions, not understanding or believing that is not the fault of the religion, it is the fault of the narrow minds we have
7. don’t say their blood and our blood, it is all human blood so it is all our blood, we are all humans
8. if we refer to the history trying to prove who is right or who is wrong, we will spend lives trying to prove without a result, acts mostly don’t represent religions, it represents the “type of understanding” of a person for his religion, I consider my religion a religion of peace, abo mos3aab certainly doesn’t agree with me, we have different understanding for the same material

finally, this is my personal ideas, I am sorry for talking in a religious subject on this blog and I will do my best not to do this again, but it is not about defending Islam as much as it is about showing a bug in our (I mean us humans not us Muslims) understanding system for the others


Marwa said...

I really like your blog. I'm Egyptian too and my blog is also in English. I'll be sure to be back here more often. (I'm here via egybloggers)

Visit my blog too:

Take care,


free soul said...

first of all, welocme here and many thnaks for the compliment

I am really glad you like the place here and hope this won't be your last visit.

sure I will be visiting your blog, I love to check all blogts that I can find around me and I am sure it will be very interesting


jenny said...

hi,nice to read ur blog .IM an indian and ur blog did confirm my thoughts that all religions teach love and peace. We live in a multi religious society and have become quite used of each other,i dont think we can never imagine india without muslims,they have been an important part of our family and would remain so...no matter how hard some ppl try to separate us. we love them and they love us. so cheerssssssss.

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free soul said...

jenny, welcome here and I am really glad to read your nice comment :)

I think that religions were meant to gather us not to separate us, I believe that whenever we start to think in a bad way of each other, thin we are making a sin whatever our religion is!

I hope people may understand the fact that we were born different and will live all the time different and start to learn how to accept the different side too

and of course, I will be happy to visit your blog :)