Thursday, February 22, 2007


late at night i was leaving the university, for a second i felt like someone is following me with his eyes, i thought this was because i was wearing the military suit which is somehow strange sight

I took the first bus, selected a chair with the a broken chair beside it, i was seeking privacy to listen to music and read on the way home

some guy came and left all the other chairs and sat beside me.. a few moments passed before he started speaking:

"you were with us in communications dept, right?"
"Yes, i am still with you !!" a big question mark was in my eyes!!

"you were teaching us C++ in the labs, in the first year"

here i started to understand.. for about 20 mins we kept speaking about univ, work and stuff, he brought back the memories of my golden age when i was teaching in the univ

when he left i was happy for two reasons, this memory could bring some joy and some hope in my heart, and i was pleased that someone still have good memories about me and still remember me somehow!!

it is only memories that tells us we lived once, it is only memories that is left at the end