Friday, July 29, 2005

Act against terroism 2

those photos where taken yesterday 28/7/2005 don't worry about the date, I forgot to set it up before taking the photos :(

Yesterday I went to "sakyet abd el men3em el sawy" to the nile hall for two reasons, the first reason because I liked the idea of making people act a simple and symbolic act against terrorism, simple acts like this one may make us reconsider our way in life and start to know that we are finally all humans!!

the second was because I have never went there!! yes I am 22 and I live 5 mins away from the place (with the car of course) but I never visited the place although I pass by it very often.

first I liked the idea when I saw it as a practical event, I wish I had more time to stay there but I had other things to do before time goes late (I had to review a document and sent it to someone before 10 pm), I wish I could stay there especially that one of my favourite things in egypt is the nile!!

I met there a few guys arranging things there and helping people to put their stuff there, I liked that too :)


Ahmad El-Saeed said...

صباح الندالة يعنى , طب ما كلمتنيش ليه قبل ما تروح ؟؟ ... أنا كنت لسه فى الساقية يوم 25 عشان حفلة منال و كنت عايز أجى تانى .... إبقى إدى خبر قبلها يا فرى سول الله يرضى عليك !!!

free soul said...

hey man, why all that !! ??

I posted here more than 36 hours before I go, sorry but I couldn't post it any earlier because I didn't know if i can go until late!

I couldn't call you because I work now, and when I return I sleep like a dead man to the next morning especially that I had another thing to do after work the day before el sawy day so I returned home very late :(

baseta, tet3awad howa enta saken be3eed wala haga !

FROGGY said...

u can still go. it will be for more days (even maybe a week). i'll let u know if i know till when it is going to be

free soul said...

that will be great because I got to do tons of things tonight so mostly i will go again next monday may be