Friday, July 15, 2005

A new life has just begun

Hi everybody, how are you, I miss you all, every single one :(

Yesterday, I delieved my graduation project, I was the responsible of the discussion with the prof and although I had a very tiring 60 hours awake preparing the documentation and what I will be talking about in the presentation (beside working in the project :( ) but I have to say I had a very great day :D

ok, I just wanted to tell you about a few feelings I had, the first was when I started to talk to the prof, we were delivering our project in 8309 room for those who don't know the faculty of engineering, this is a lecture room that can hold about 100 man, it was half full of people.

when I started to talk, I looked around me and I found all faces similar !! I discovered that most of those faces were oneday students in my labs for C++ course in their first year!!

I discovered that most of them made it to the third year and here comes the day they see my graduation project and prepare for their own !! how days go quick, I felt too old :(

the other thing was happiness, when I saw all those faces knowing them to be my students, I loved the fact that I was oneday effective in their life (hope for the better), after the delivery of my project, I met one of them, he is a studnet in the labs I gave this year, we started to talk for long and had lot of fun talking about our memories and life in the faculty, I had some photos with them, I met another two of my current students too, it was so much fun :)

another thing, when I was leaving the faculty, I felt very sad feelings, knowing I will not see those buildings again, knowing how many memories are there for me and my early hear feelings in there, I felt terrible leaving all this.

the last thing is that god saved me from parts of those feelings, I will not go far from the faculty, I got a job in the university with my very dear friend and prof (dr nafie) so I won't be far from here and I think chances to be there again will be possible :D

See you all soon, I hope


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

quoting Ahmed El Said once he told me : the 1st time i c a female engineer with such pure feelings.

yet let me sent you these words this time. Identifing feelings ain't an easy task. and once its done, you could c the greatest joy of all crystal clear infront of your eyes. knowing when you are happy and when you are sad, when u feel astray and when you find the way. whom u love and whom you hate.. such great moments you SHOULD cherish life long ya Maged really..

gooo on.. God will reward you good in sha2 ALLAH. just b good yourself.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

BTW: enta btdarsh C++ olteli ba2a.. tesma7 te2oli eh el habal dah.. i just HATE it.. la2 w kaman they are asking us for a project apart from the exam!!!!!
mesh kefaya eni taking it in summer!
bakrahom bahrahom..

free soul said...

I don't think you are in cairo university, right?

Ok, Hate C++ is really bad, have in mind that it might save your neck once in your graduation project when you need to write any piece of code, algorithm, hardware code this can save your life (it saved our life in the project)

besides working is the only way to learn, I know that becuase I didn't understand communication untill I made my graduation project in it

free soul said...

but tell me, how long did they gave you for the project and what was it?>

they gave the students here 2 weeks this time for a simple project (school database) they were enough and I saw great projects

did I tell you that I got a job as a communication network developer with C++ :D


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

na u didnt tell me that.. i am happy 4 u ;)
i am A.Shams *nas mo3akada ya3ni :D*.. but currently taking the courses in cairo .. he2 he2..

my dream was to join communication dept. but i guess after what i did last year in the exams i might feel surprisingly satisfied with computer dept. i like it *thought C++ is getting on my nerves so far* YA RAB a3adi el awel

the project is a D.Base i guess.. howa 7aga feha classes n arrays keda.. basicly iam reading the refrence 1st.!!

# Juwaireyah # said...

Well, join the group ya lasto adri!!! I hate C++, I gotta say my favourite ever is Matlab, MILLION THANKS to DR. Yasser Zeyada for that, he's FABULOUS, I really owe him a lot, this guy not only taught me Matlab. but showed me how a respectful university staff should be, Rabbena yekremo ya rab.

Congratulations free soul, and don't feel bad about leaving college, as u said you'd get to work there, and always remeber that apartness is a rule of life, and u won't get to stay with ur loved ones forever except in paradise isA, may Allah grant us all paradise isA.

salam :)

free soul said...

howa feeh tamarod 3ala el C++ wala eeh !!!

ya gama3a de walahi tayeba we bent halal :)

I think I love C++(and VC) becuse of the man that teached me this course, like yasser zeyada, this man was an extraordinary person in all ways, not just knowledge but he has ideas in how to teach and how to make you search for the answer and reach it alone and how to work

this man teached me alot and maybe that is why I love C++ alot becuase he could give us in 3 days the whole C++ including the datastructures stuff (it was like magic I guess)

may allah gather us all in paradise (including my beloved C++) :D