Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I though a lot before starting to write this…

Trying to evaluate my past year was a very hard task, if I let my self go with my emotions

I would give a black judgment on the year

After another deep look I understand that it wasn’t my best year, yes for sure, but it was a very important year of my life, a friend of mine sent me a site taking about year cycles and relating it to the date of birth and something like that, although I don’t believe in that stuff yet I spent time reading what the site estimated about my 2006 and what it predicted about 2007

Somehow what I read triggered something in me, in 2006 I had a disease that I suffered a lot from, a disease in my soul, not in my body

The hardest disease is the one your soul loves and wishes to keep, it is now a real fight with your own soul to help it while it lies accepting its problem and unwilling to fight against it, it was a hard time and a zillion times I felt like no way .

But at someday I woke up and it was gone, my fierce fighting was over and it was gone, I know it left scars all over my soul yet what matters is that it is gone now

For days I felt it like a hand catching my soul, squeezing it hard and cold, it prevented me from opening my heart for others, from telling them what I feel or feeling what they tell

In 2006 I had many changes, many rises and many falls but between them what affected me is what I tell you know; it is the soul that matters at the end.

Do you want to know what the site told me?

It told me that 2006 witnessed lots of endings and major changes, and a new startup, it told me that during 2006 I had the deepest hard feelings but I have to let all go now, or that is what happened in 2006, telling that 2007 would witness a new rise and a brand new life, I hope they are right then!!