Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Car accident

Today my car had its first accident, although it was a minor accident and had no effect on my car but i was really upset because I got it few weeks ago and I care a lot for my stuff

But what surprised me how the other driver was so scared of me!! I was mad but I am a peaceful man, I don't look like a red deamon when I am angry I mean, and at that point I figured out why he was scared!!

I was in the military uniform.. ppl have high sensitivity from military persons , and I didn't like that, although I know that ppl are more comfortable with armed forces from their freelings with the police but I didn't like to be scared off because of my suit , this wasn't for my pride at all

Ok, the accident left a small scar on my car that will live for a while now i guess :(


If you stop long for the impossible, you will loose many chances for the possible!!
[Valid in love & life]