Wednesday, June 14, 2006

away from cairo

away from cairo... this is the longest period i ever spent away from cairo and totally disconnected from modern life...

how was it? cruel?? may be, but there were positive sides

how many times did you wish to stay with your own self to think but life didn't give you this chance?

i never had such a chance, i must admit here that spare time there was very rare but in the dark, silence rare moments many things can happen.

from a few days, more precise in 5/6/2006 i was moving on the sand at night under the moon and thinking about the same day from 39 years, do you remember it? many ideas came to my mind and many feelings played with my head

one other positive side is that i finally got to know egyptians more, i met people from all sides and i made friendship with many persons, on the other side i made good fights with many persons too!!

there are some other positive things but i will keep them to my self , at least for the moment.

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