Friday, July 25, 2008

The price

There is always a price for the truth, the truth seems the most costy thing in life , at least on the short range...

Believe me, to be ready to pay the price of the truth today is much better than living a lie and going on with it, your lie will grow with time, and so the cost until you come to the point were you can't pay the price alone, also those whom you love will have to pay the price, the price of your weakness and being a cowered, will you then be able to forgive your self?

Some truth hurts on the short range but it is a relief on the long range, some lie brings false happiness on the short range but brings disaster on the long range, it is a trade and you decide , almost all your life you have to decide

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Trip- El hamraa ecolodge

Time: Friday morning.
Location: El hamraa ecolodge, wadi el notroon, near omar oasis.

Activity: acquiring self peace ...

I had a wonderful day, the place was so peaceful , the silence had nothing interrupting it but the sound of the wind, birds and the music tracks and songs that we select to be played in the place.

the whole place is tuned to one frequency, the frequency of nature, everything is natural in design and implementation, the huts, the roads, buildings and even the food, even the food tasted differently!!

A place you can fall in love with from the first moment... I can't describe it more, it is just amazing.

Many thanks for the lovely person that introduced me to this place and shared this day with me there :)