Thursday, September 29, 2005

Another leaf leaving the tree

Another year has passed, it is odd that we feel happy when in birthdays while its meaning is tht you just lost another year of your life!!

I was born in 29/9/1983, in saudia arabia, in gaddah, I was about to die while being born, but they saved me (I don't know why!!!) in the hospital and got out after a few weeks, 2 months later, I returned to my mother land, Egypt

The previous year was a very strange year for me, during this year, my heart returned to beat again, returned to have fights with me, during it also, my mind changed-to the better i think- and it finally could let my soul go out of its cage, at least from time to time

the previous year had my great problem while I see things ending and I have nothing to do to stop it, it had great joy and great pain too

I lost many friends in reality in the previous year, for no good reason actually, and I won many good friends in the other world, here in the blogging, for good reasons this time

it is a whole year, 12 months, 365 days has passed, how did that happen, i don't know, i stell remember me going to school for the first time, holding my bag, the young kid had to change and became the old man that is me!!


Nour said...

Kol Sana wenta Tayeb ya Maged.. :)

Wish u all the best Wallahi, w 3o2bal manshoofak gedo mka7ka7 w met3akez 3la 3asaya :))

Phantom of the Blog said...


i didn't know u were only three years older than me cool

and i am glad they saved u

free soul said...

nour & phantom, THANKS :)

What makes me feel good the most is the number of friends I gained in this year, you are my friends and friends are the only thing we can get out of days, I wish we can always be friends :)

Nour said...

Ya Rub ISA :)

FROGGY said...

kol sana wenta tayeb we 3o2bal miiiiit sana..
sorry if it is late a little.

free soul said...

Late is better than ever ;)

Many thanks :)