Friday, September 23, 2005

Quick news

this is the news update after I am back of my short vacation :

1- I must send a pure honest aplogy for my previous post, I was talking decisions in a very dark mood and those decisions don't represent me as much as they represent the kind of sadness i have been through and honstly i forgot all about those decisions and i am not willing to take them seriously, forgive me and forget that time, I know I looked both stupid and mysterious, just let it go

2- There is no reason for me not to join the army, a friend of mine has the same case like me is already serving now, so 3 months from now i guess you will start to miss me :(

3- I am starting a new project tomorrow in work, this means more time will be used and less time will be available for the blogs thing

4- I am now officially starting the masters as I passed the "mini" toefl exam, I don't know how can they call it toefl exam although it has no writing or lestining sections!!!

5- I am reading now some stories from the history of egypt, the book writer is salah esa, i will post a few texts that i loved much of the book, just few lines that really moved me, sure after translating them or add them to the arabic blog

6- I am currently considering the use of this blog, should it represent a special line or should it be more like a diary or a homepage ? what do you think ?

I will be back soon, wait for me :)


Phantom of the Blog said...

how logn do we have to wait?

free soul said...

according to the time you have been away from blogging, you will have to wait for a life time :)

Welcome back my friend, I missed you so much, try writing to us more often ;)

Phantom of the Blog said...

i am sorry dude it is just it is hard to write inthe summer i will write u an email explaining why

FROGGY said...

welcome back
for me blogging is expressing feelings whether like a diary or stories or whatever.
some people like to follow a certain line, or a blog for a certain purpopse, some don't.
i guess so far u r in the 2nd category wala eih?
it all depends on what is the definition of the blog to u or why u created it in the 1st place.

free soul said...

The second category? you mean one with no defined line?

I believe blogging for me is more like a soul extension, I don't try to think much before i post something here, if it is in my mind then it express something in me, so I post it :)

sometimes, when a special idea is in my mind it forces its self on the blog so you find many successive posts on the same topic, the freedom thing is the most principle i am thinking of for a while now and that is why it can be seen everywhere around!

I believe blogging is more personal, it is not a journal and mostly it shouldn't be so, that is why I think it should have the personality of its writer

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

u return back to blogging.. in which ever form you like..

free soul said...

blue, I am not sure if i will go on but what I am sure of, i will never lose my friends here, I will work to keep my friends and will be all the time poping on your blogs :)