Friday, September 02, 2005

10 rules for rightful resistance

1- never ever target civilians
2- if you can’t provide a justice trial for those you think betrayed their country, don’t target them at all
3- whenever the enemy is in the crowd, don’t attack him, that talk about the civilian price is silly, there is no reason to let the possibility of killing a civilian or a child by a mistake
4- don’t work for revenge, work for the good of the people, make your target something higher than revenge and haterad, like freedom
5- if you catch soliders of the enemy, either you treat them as prisoners of war and take them away with you, or you let them go if you can secure them back with you
6- never take photos for the dead soliders of the enemy after an attack, this is inhuman at all
7- never make your operations in the middle of the cities, you scare people and make terrible disturbance
8- never attack the others who work to free the land by different ways as traitors, it is normal to have different ways to freedom, all uses his own way to the same target
9- never base your resistance on a special race or religion, it is after all a fight for freedom and it is the duty of every one that has the nationality of this country
10- if you break any of the previous rules then you are simply a terrorist, so cheer up, you don’t have to follow the other rules :)


Zeinobia said...

And who will listen to them in Crazy world?
ironically according to these rules the american army will be a terrorist army along with the Iserali army
well it is reality

free soul said...

Actually I don't know if it is really possible to apply those rules!!

You know, sometimes it looks too good to be true, sometimes it seems like a fancy rules that can't be true :(

Sometimes I even ask myself, will I be able to apply those rules if I am in the army and break the orders, will I be able to stand against the orders to do what I believe is right?

I wonder!!