Sunday, September 11, 2005

Agassi & federer

Agassi made it to the finals, this means he will meet federer, the expectations are all off as those two players can't be predicted, we all saw how bad Agassi did yesterday :(
just a note, agassi and federer met 10 times as i got the record from the internet, the result was 3-7 which is in favour for federer :(

Will agassi, the old experienced man do it and end his history with USA open with a final victory? I wonder and I hope :)

Yesterday, he made me mad, he didn't play as he can, he was playing like with 50% of his power, like in power saving mode-lol- and he was about to lose the game!! but he got back in the match and won it after a long game that made me late from joing my friends

The other day, sharapova took her ticket out of the game :( , I must note that sharapova is one of my favorite and her play style is unique and impressing, but the girl from belgium was playing a standard tennis, no risks made and she is very high in her fitness and could beat the young sharapova that looked a little confused and not concentrating well, she lost many of her serves with double faults!!!


Ahmed Shokeir said...

ده إنت نقلتنا نقله جامده جدا من نور ومبارك وممدوح برعى إلى أجاسى وفيدرار
أنا اخر واحد أعرفه كان بورج وبعديه بوريس بيكر ..وفى البنات كانت كريس إيفرت ومارتينا نافراتيلوفا..إيه الأخبار اليومين دوول

free soul said...

maho lazem nenafad lel moled dah ba2a :)

but don't tell me you don't know the marvelous Agassi, the man is so old (35) and has a loooooooooooooooong record

you should watch the finals, this match deserveeeeeeeeeeee :)

I missed the women finals as it was too late yesterday and I had to sleep to go to work early, I still don't know who won :(

FROGGY said...

clijsters won in 2 sets. i wanted pierce to win cos she came through a lot. anyway i didn't see the match
about agassi and federer, it looks like federer will win, they split the 1st to sets, the 3rd went to federer in tie break and aleady a break ahead in the 4th.. but i didn't loose hope, it's agassi, i wish he could win here.

free soul said...

when you lose hope it is hard to do anything right, he just lost a few minutes ago

I wish he could do it, to leave the playground forever as a winner as he used to be :(

I feel sad for him, I can feel him, and I am so sad that he will mostly quite before he reach such an achievment again , honestly I will miss him :(

But whatever, don't you agree that the 3 sets were really top in all!! they did a terrific game :)

free soul said...

federer, you earned it and you certainly deserve it, congratualtions then for the new legend :)

BIG good bye for the old legend that proved to the last moment that he is a real legend :(