Sunday, September 04, 2005

Pure Happiness

When he entered the room we couldn’t do but notice his presence…

The first thing that you can notice is the formal suit he wear but this is just the start, you will then see his face, oh my god, how much happiness I could see in his eyes!!

The man is a friend of us and work with us, the first time I met him was just one week ago in the faculty while applying for the masters, he is a very nice and decent person, we talked for a small while before each went to complete his papers

He is getting married! Didn’t you guess that by now? What else could make him that happy then!

If marriage won’t be for love it won’t give you that kind of happiness ever, and I can’t trade that happiness with the whole world, I can’t accept less than that feeling

I remember a year ago when my very deaaaaaaaaaaar friend Hazem was getting married, we were moving together in the crowd giving things to the guests in “katb el ketab”

I actually felt a strange feelings when people thought it was me the groom not him, as we look like each other (we were wearing a similar suit with a small degree of difference in the color, the same color in the chemise but different ties)

Do you know what made me feel so happy? It is the first time from a long time I see a pure smile on someone’s face!!! And it was like an infection as a strange feeling of happiness invaded my heart and made me smile too.


johny bravo said...

This pure happiness is very rare nowadays and i know it won't last forever.But this is life:ups and downs and one should be prepared that a sad moment will come sooner or later,It's not pessimism, rather realism.I like ur blog so far,will knock on its door every now and then.Thanks for commenting on my blog,I value your contribution.

Nour said...

Well, as u said free soul, happiness IS infectious..

Wallahi I felt happy ana kaman 4 ur friend & 4 u kaman..yalla 3o2balak ISA :)

free soul said...

Raghood, it is rare, it don't last for long and that is what makes it so percious :)

those moments are the fire that we live with in the times when we lose all hope they will come again, we then remember those moments and they bring a pale smile on our lips!

Glad you liked the place here

free soul said...

nour, menawara walahi :)

thx for the wish, same to you :) and hope you like the place here