Sunday, October 02, 2005


Today, while I was at work, we suddenly heard large noise coming from the university

You sure know that we work inside the university, to be more precise, we work in the building of “dar 3oloom” just of front of “e3lam” building

Guess what? It was a demonstration!!

I had a quick flash back of my first term in the university, I was very young and still affected by my readings about Jewish history, I was full of strength, I can’t say full of hatred because I think I never really hated them!!

I was walking like them, I wasn’t shouting, I don’t believe large voice can make a change, we walked a little and I wanted to be there, to be with them in this

Today, we all jumped out of our chairs like little kids, me, with another few employees and one of the managers, to watch the demonstration from the window, we were so exited about it!

5 years in the university had many changes on me; first I stopped to believe in demonstrations as a real act, then recently I started to believe it is a small step but in the right way, a small step that has to be in a complete plan to make a change

I remember about 3 years ago, there was a big demonstration, they opened the doors suddenly and I was astonished that they let them go out, they made a road of security guards between our faculty (engineering) and the rest of the university, we were allowed to enter the university with a demonstration, I remember that at that time I was fully convinced that I shouldn’t be part of any of this, but at least I couldn’t help it and I joined them for one purpose… to make it to the bigger demonstration to find out what was going in there

When war against Iraq happened I was so touched, I didn’t tell you but Iraq is one of my favorite countries due to many reasons this is not the place to mention, but I was really heart broken, I had that fire against all Americans (I have many American friends by the way)

Inside the university, and beside another big demonstration, I met an American woman, her son was in the war, she was there to support the forces against war I had a long conversation with her and honestly, just a look to her innocent face did me great help, it somehow implanted in me the seed of peace, to understand that we are all humans and we should start to judge the criminal not all connected to him

I don’t know why I am saying all this nonsense, I just think that this demonstration somehow could wake something in me while looking into rows of young kids that has no idea what they are doing, that has no real beliefs and no real plan and are just moving forward following trust in people I do believe they don’t deserve it

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