Saturday, September 10, 2005

Humans…. Shame on you!!!

Reading the newspaper brings that black sadness to my soul, almost from the first page till the last you will find theft, rope, killing, betraying,… read between the lines and you will understand that political news talks about hatred, sports full of betraying, theft and even the woman paper will talk about violence that the women lives under!!
You will find all kinds off hatred in there, pure black hatred.

Check your mail, in the middle of them you will find mails directed by hatred, different ideas, different countries and moreover different religions fight against each other with the most dirty ways directed by pure hatred and evil plans to plant more hatred in the world as if it is in need for more

Go to any chat room, see what happens there if it has any kind of discussion, open the TV on any discussion program and watch the two parts how they are ready to jump on each other at the first possible chance!!

Go to the streets, watch people and see how they act, beasts are less evil from that, you have to struggle your way to move through them and by the end of your way you will find yourself just like them, another beast!!!

What makes us humans? What makes us unique from other beasts in the world?
Is it the clothes that we hide our nature with, or is it the brilliant minds that enables us to hide that amount of hatred beyond strong words like virtue and justice while all we seek is self wealth ?

Are you happy with being a human after all, or did you wish to be something else?

Humans… shame on you!!! I would better be a beast

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