Wednesday, September 07, 2005

egyptian elections = complete nonsense

Hi all,

I will report here quickly what happened in my tour between election committees, I will translate it into Arabic later:

First, I went the nearest committee beside my work, I went there with a friend of mine, we both didn't have election ids, but he had the national id, I didn't have any id at all :)

OK, when we entered there, a man met us and told us either we have the election ids or we go to our birth location to vote there, of course I wasn't born in Egypt, so he told me, go to the police office you are registered at, ok then

While leaving we met a journalist from "al masry al youm" , they didn't let her inside the committee but she waited outside to ask people getting out about what happened, we talked to her and then she told us :

"Hundreds came here and voted while they are not from this committee and used just the national id not the election ids!!"

OK, at first I couldn't believe that as that is simply against the law, but I decided to check out, we returned back and this time we talked to another man, he then let my friend vote there, only with his national id and without checking in any lists!!!

Ok, no need to tell you that my friend was born in 82 which means that he doesn't exist in any list on earth!!!

I then moved to the police office, in the entrance, I met an officer, he told me if I am 83 or later to go to an office beside the police stating and get my election id, I went there but he told me that I can't have it until I am 84 or later!!!!

ok, astonished about that as my friend who is 82 has just voted a few minutes ago, I met two friends, they told me that they know a committee that don't require anything but the national id or any id, so I went there, it was very crowded there (note that the previous two committee had almost no one to vote there, it was almost totally empty)

We arrived there, the way was to take the ids and call the names to enter and vote no need to say that no one was permitted to watch the voting from the inside!!

My two friends gave their national ids and already voted, I met there another two friends and they voted too, no need to tell that the four persons doesn't exist in any list and I checked all the lists myself !!!

Ok, I went to another committee as they told me I should find my name in the lists there if it does exist, I went there and a solider told me that those lists are for those who have election ids only!!!! How come and what for, if they have election ids. then they should be permitted to vote anywhere without checking any list!!

Ok, he then agreed to check, after checking the record he told me that my name isn't there, I took the list and checked it myself and my name wasn't there, I then went to another office in the same committee, they had another copy of the names, there I checked the list, but found nothing again

Here I found something strange, the first list had few "maged" names in it, the second one didn't include any, and simply there are two lists!! They complete each other and the stupid solider checked in one only, I know my name isn't there anyway, but what if others have the same problem!!!

Ok, later I just checked the committees again, watched them stopping the voting to take pictures while it is still crowded!! Not caring for the complains of the people there

That is what I saw in a hurry, I will tell you if I remember anything else and tell you if I know any more details,



Eman M said...

At morning, most of the legan prohibited tamaman election with national IDs only, the beta2a entekhabeya was a must.
bas there were a lot of mistakes w 7agat 3ageba bte7sal begad embare7.

Myself found my name in the Keshof,awalan fe lagnet madinet nasr w ana aslan men masr el gedida, thanien ana mesh men mwaleed 82 wala 83 wala 84
ya3ni ana mesh fahma aslan ezai esmi kan fe el kshofat.
On the other hand, my sister w my friend entakhabo bel national IDs ONLY!


El mohm, elhamdolilah I did el wageb elli 3alaia :)

free soul said...

walahi ya eman it was a horrible day!!

The things I listed here are just the things that i am sure of!!! you can't believe how much strange things i saw and heared in there !!

ok, i would be much happier if i had the chance to finally vote, but at least i tried :(

Nour said...

Bos ya Maged, this was somehow predicted.. I mean come on guys, the 1st elections in the history of Egypt..*even if they r "mock elections"*..

Y3ny at least e7na mawselnash lelly kan bye7sal ayam el Sadat..ayam El Nabawy Isma3eel abo 99.9% w ayam ma kanet el full boxes tetshal heila beila w tetremy fel tera3..

Of course there were HUGE mistakes, bas we should be more optimistic..I mean we had 2 start somewhere..right?

As a start, ana shayfa enaha makanetsh batala abadan, what I liked most is that ppl & *youth* realy did want 2 share..

Personally, ana mawaleed 85, bas ana 3amalt 7aga zareefa awi l ta2meen mawkefy..b4 el elections b 3 days ro7t el 2esm tala3t el beta2a el ente7'abeya..*Despite the fact that I knew I could vote with my national ID*..bas ana olt e7tyaty..and I did vote with el beta2a el ente7'abeya..

El moshkela en el nas yezhar makanoosh mesada2een en hayeb2a feeh ente7'abat b 7a2 w 7a2ee2y wla eh..mafa2oosh 3la mawdou3 el beta2at wel 7agat di 3'er 2abl el ente7'abat b 1 week or smthg..which is smthg that I don't blame on them... bas heya el fekra en feeh nas makanetsh fahma te3mel eh, w feeh judges allaho a3lam b2a mesh fahmeen wla mashooha kda wla eh el nezam..

Bas wht's important 4 me now is that el nas bgad ebtadet tefoo2..sebko mel ente7'abat di, ma kolena konna 3arfeen el nateega men ableeha, el mohem delw2ti en next december.. akbar qadr mel nas ely kanet 3yza tsawat trou7 tetla3 bataye2hom el ente7'abeya..which is going 2 happen ISA..

May be I'm being too optimistic, bas for the first time ina very long time actually I'm feeling a glimpse of hope... Ya Rub..

free soul said...

nour, although i spent 4 hours in the street searching for my name in 4 committes in all lists, and although the number of strange violations i saw and listed here, i am optimistic like you, i love the fact that many guys went there to vote, they didn't have much hope but they went, I encouraged them to go and vote even with the national id, and I spent a great time directing people to the right way and telling them what to do (especially in treating the tricks of the police ;)

I am optimistic but i don't accept half solutions, this isn't even half a solution but we won something, it is the right to talk :)

we must focus and never forget that a long list of rights must be won in order to win the right of a better life as an overall

it is good to hear that you did it, it is good to hear that many wanted to participate, but still many stayed at home watching TV !!

it is time to understand that we need to act all, what are they waitting for, if they are afraid to start, we already took this responsibility and started, why don't they just support!!

Ok, the following days will decide if me being optimistic is right or wrong, but i am still not satisfied by what happened in the elections, we could do better :(

Nour said...

We WILL do better ISA ya Maged..

Regarding those who watched T.V, well some didn't even do that!!

I was like talking 2 a couple of my friends at 12 o'clock at night and they were like "so wht happened with that election thing?"

This is a portion- I must admit- of us, youth, but as I told u b4, I don't tottaly blame it on them, we, as youth, have been repressed for soooo long, so it's not gonna happen "bayn layla wa do7aha" as they say..

The hope is actually, in those like us who did care, and actually went 2 vote *succeeded or not is not the issue now*.. and when the TV guys & gals start seeing such a movement among us...ISA they will move as well...Yalla gor3et optimism tanya, bas I feel we need it bgad.. :)

Ahmed Shokeir said...

Free Soul
I liked very the insistence you have, I think if you keep on it on your coming future ... lot's of things will be changed

free soul said...

believe me ya ahmed, I wasn't going to vote at all, I had so much work and wasn't planning to leave work to vote, what moved me is my direct manager, which is my previous prof in the faculty showed me how much he insisted to go to vote even though he was going to make his vote "batel"!!!

when I arrived at the police station, What moved me that way the huge number of young persons making election ids, they are younger but full of action, in such a case you can't do but be a part of this active environement and move forward in the same way, may be even faster because this will extract the best you got

lots of things will change? I do hope so from all my heart :)