Tuesday, September 13, 2005

No Power

I can’t think of a single idea to write, whenever I start to write a romantic story, I find it ends with the death of one of them or even in its best situations, they leave each other

Whenever I start to write few lines on the papers it ends up with a bomb blowing up everything in the story while I don’t know where this bomb came from!!

My mind is like a snake that eats any young idea struggling to get out.

Life is a dream, we are dreaming, why then all my dreams turn to nightmares??

What you see is what you get? Is it the truth then that I live in a real cruel world that has no more space for any idea but hatred and blood?

What you see depends mainly on what you look for:

Is it then an inner desire to torture myself? Is it me that guilty that should be punished by living in those nightmares all the time?

Life is pain, you get used to it:

Why then can’t I get used to that pain?

Life is a list of targets you wish to achieve and watch your self proceeds in it:

Where is my list, why I was forgotten when they gave each one his list then, I feel like that little student that didn’t find his name in the exam results

Life is a list of things you will never have the chance to do:

I can’t think even of this list, when I think of it, another bomb blow it away or blood spoil it

I have no power or well to write more, good luck then!


Ahmed Shokeir said...

Usually we are not looking for that list, but the list is usually looking for ours, somtimes comes late and most of times comes early
Don't look for it, it will come sonner or later

free soul said...

without a list, you are lost!!

it is like when you are waiting, everybody is called by name and leaves and you stay alone waiting to be called, but nothing happens, it is an empty feeling of being lost :(

Nour said...

Looks like u realy do need this vacation ya Maged..

Bos, this kind of "blank periods" is very usual l 3elmak.. I've just had one..bas heya zai ma bteegee fag2a..hatla2i nafsak bardo fag2a masek ur loyal pencil :) w nazel ketaba..

Don't panic, it's normal :)

free soul said...

I hope ya nour, thanks for the support, I really think i need this vacation

it is late by the way because i coudln't take a vacation before that time, I was in a running project that ended 1/9 which means i was unable to leave before that time at least :(