Friday, September 23, 2005

Before I lose the moment

before the taste of the moment fades, if you can then go and check the starts from your window :)

This night, the sky is so pure and so clean that you can see an incredible number of stars even in the city lights, I can see it very clear, I can even call each one and each group by its own name, that is really wonderful!

I missed that feeling, but it is coming back now :)


Phantom of the Blog said...

so ur hanging by a moment?

that is one of my favorite songs ever!

Nour said...

1st of all 7amdella 3al salama ya Maged..

Thought u would b away 4 a little longer though.. I hope u've had a nice vacation & I can surely see the change in mood ;)

BTW, enta el nos el tany mel sana fel mawaleed?? Asl my cousin is the 1st half & they all got "E3fa2"..

free soul said...

Phantom (As you ordered us, using the new name :) ), the song is so beautiful, I will post part of its lyrics here later as I really like it :)

I believe that your self state affects much on the view you see, it was a wonderful moment of self acceptance and self content :)

free soul said...

allah yesalemek ya nour, it is enough, I have work to do so I had to end my vacation, the masters study started to, so normal life has to continue

not all of them got exempted from military ya nour, just those born in 82 and 84
83 was segmented, some of them joined the army, some got exempted :(

I am the second half, I will be applying my papers soon too, by the end of the next month, and i will know my result about 15/11

Wish me luck, I do need it