Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Quick news update

Here is the last news of today:

I got a new pencil :)

I am reading standards; I think I will spend the rest of my life reading standards
:( I hate that but it is essential this time as mostly I will be part of the design team of this product ;)

Note that if I don't have my pencil I can't think, sometimes I think that my mind is in this black pencil, I use the same brand, same color and same thickness of the pencil for more than 5 years now, I use it in all my life and hate to use a pen in anything, even when I am not doing anything I must be holding it:D

I am now making a complete re-consideration of my life, my ideas, a long stage of my life is over, large part of my heart is left there and I have to find out if I will go on without it, or should I return to stay with it

I will take a vacation starting this Thursday for 10 days, mostly you won't hear a thing from me in that period as I need to spend some time alone with myself to think of some stuff, I think I will go somewhere away from Cairo for a while too.

My mother is traveling before Ramadan starts, this means I will starve in Ramadan :(

The brave Palestinians went burning down everything in the ex-settlements of Israel after years of being forbidden from entering it, knowing that half of them were working with occupation somehow!!

My friends think I got totally mad, I believe they are very wrong.

They think I became mad, but I believe I was born mad ;)

1 comment:

Nour said...

Regarding the pencil thing, me too..

But using a pen actually, it's like ideas never start coming 2 me except if I'm holding it..

Good luck with ur vacation ya Maged, m3 enaha met2a7'ara showaya :) Bas yalla better late than never.. :)