Monday, September 05, 2005

Collecting souls

Following Lasto adri steps, and as usual too late, here is a list of blogs that really deserve to get a look at

1- Steliano Ponticos: this man is a rocket, he never stops and knows everything about everything, he writes most of the time about art, sometimes takes the responsibility of an old wise grandmother and tell us amazing stories. Watch out for his day dreams!! This man is a real dreamer; his dreams can be turned to real movies I believe!!

2- lasto-adri: this is a pure and simple thoughts by lasto adri, do you know what makes them very special? It is so simple that it invades your heart directly, when she talks about her memories, you could see the pic and watch her moving and jumping as a child, you may find an image of your life in one of her wonderful Arabic stories, I did find myself in one of them!!

3- on my own: again lasto adri, but this time in English, the page has the same taste although covered with the English style, but still the Egyptian girl touch can be seen all over it

4- Froggy, do you need a friend? Here is one, a friend with no preconditions, she talks to you as if you are sitting together, there is no limits there in the forggy’s world, you can check the pictures she takes or read her poems (if you are strong in French!!)

5- Lemna, another kind-hearted friend, so sensitive and so wise, a big philosopher she is!! Listen to her wise quotes and read the songs she picks carefully, it always carry a meaning, a part of her soul!!

6- Ahmed el said: our scientific man, although he likes science but he has another important touch, it is the social criticizing touch when he discuss simple things from the direct feelings of a man involved in them

7- R: you have to be beyond normal to visit his beyond normal place, he has a great blog, everyday has a new thing, it is a pleasure to read it and know how this man thinks, he always have a different point of view, a wise and deep one

8- Sydalany, this man is amazing, read for your self and you will know what am I talking about

9- Nour, young sensitive girl, romantic to the limit but has the tools to extract that romance to papers, this is a real writer starting to show up

10- Mo, take care, he is upset all the time, he knows the secrets of life, the pain and sweet in it, he have this great hopeless love for his country, and love for love as a whole, and overall, he is different

There are much more blogs that really deserve to be visited and I do visit regulary, but I guess this is enough for today :)
You will find the information listed here just a subset of the unique character of those bloggers, it is your turn to discover the rest ;)


Nour said...

Thx a lot ya free soul :)

Am realy honoured :)

I added u 2 my blog btw.. hope u don't mind :)

free soul said...

the honour is all mine, by the way, this wasn't my first visit for your blog, i have been reading its contents for a while now! I think it is of the best to represent the romantic style in blogging and that is why I reported it here, I really do like it :)

thx for adding me, sure I don't mind, it is my pleasure :)

Ahmed Shokeir said...

Wow ... what a selction , I descoverd two i don't know them b4

free soul said...

welcome ahmed, I bet I know which two you never knew before :)

ok, all of them are have great places and visiting them is a real pleasure, moreover, most of them are my friends ;)

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

oooo free soul
thank you LOADS really..
its my houner to list both my blogs ;)
yours rocks as well :)

free soul said...

I forgot to list bianolla ;)

the hounor is mine, I listed them really to give every body a chance to read a real interesting stuff, you know your place is a perminant station for me :)

sydalany-وش مكرمش said...

i haven't seen it b4
sorry man

and thank u