Monday, August 01, 2005

Ooooooooh I Finally made it :)

Dear all: D

This is a great day for humanity :)

Finally, and after 5 years of suffering in the faculty, I made it, my result just appeared and I got Good grade (this has a longer story because I am willing to go for networks post graduate)

I’m writing this with a greeaaaaaaaaaaat wish in my heart that all of you did will, will do will or already done well in previous years :)

I also announce that I have forgiven all those who hurt me in the last 5 years, I came to a man who long ago made a big fight with me and we shake hands for the first time, it is a time for forgiveness now, hope you all forgive me if I ever made a mistake :(

I also thank all of you who stood beside me or even on front of me:D

I A M .. H A P P Y



FROGGY said...

mabrooouk ya bashmohandes. 3o2bal el magestaire wel doctora :)

free soul said...

you know, I used to hate that word "bashmohandes" but this time especially, and in the current circumstances, it has a different taste in my head, a wonderful taste :)

What is your news? I know you were worried about the total grade, hope you got everthing done well :)

jenny said...


jenny said...


FROGGY said...

el 7amdolelah, i got gayed gedan with martabet el sharaf :).
i was worried a little, i didn't get a nice total this year, but it's ok, cos it's the last year and i got el martaba.

free soul said...

jenny, thanks so much :)

froggy, congratulations :)
I am really happy almost everyone got a good result this time, although the waves result wasn't that good but the overall is great for everyone of my friends..

I am considering now the next phase, what I will be doing as I chosed to take a year off then go for post graduates in Networks (hope dr el hadidi won't be there teaching networks at that time :(

I need to reconsider my life and continue my old plans may be also considering new plans about my future, I think i will take a week off soon to leave to any place and have a time to think a little

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

Alf Alf mabroooook..
ha katabt el paper wala la2? ;)

free soul said...

I wrote it and it included 5 points I wish to do in the next period, I don't know where I left it then :D

I will try to put it in my desk to see it everyday and know how much stupid I am :)