Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dynamic religion

I was hesitant to write about a religious subject, but after a while, I understood that this time it is not related to Islam only and not even to religion only, so I guess no problem to write in it

The classical dilemma between the religious people and scientific persons is the way the orders of god should be handled and the meaning of the religion

The religious persons came up with the rule: “if there is no text, no more searches should be made”!! This statement, while I partially agree with it, participated to delay our research actions for decades and pulled us back for hundreds of years

When I tell you “go to the bank” how many meanings could you have for this statement?
Here comes the rule of the context, if I tell you that and you want to deposit money, so it is actually an order to deposit the money, even if you don’t go yourself and send someone

If it comes in a Saturday then it doesn’t make any sense, and more likely to be like kidding with you.

Now, the orders of god are fixed, they don’t change all over the years and decades, it is not negociatable to say it changes, the question is, how do you understand it?

We are humans, which mean our understanding for something is always incomplete, by time things and events add up to our understating for each line.

I don’t want to talk for long, but in brief, what I do think is, all the time we should consider the religion orders and try to understand why What should we do And what is the best based on the current context not the previous context. Nothing is over consideration, as long as we consider it carefully studying the previous causes and taking into consideration the current situation, we can come with the best solutions and answers to the current time and move on in life.

No need to state that church and Islamic religious hard minded persons have held humanity from proceeding in life for long time with the name of god

In the last few days a big fight came about “al hegaab” or the hair cover for women, based on the previous context some came up with the idea that it is not required anymore, that is because they based it on the environment conditions (I strongly don’t agree with that) but I do agree with their way in research, they just need to understand more in the cause of it, the religious one and start thinking of it again


laser guy said...

The way I think of god's orders is this:
You do them and then you think of how useful they are in your life.

Some ppl like to do the oppositte which is think first is it useful, then start applying it. I see this as a flaw in the way they think. Maybe something to think about is wether a holy book(like quran) is truly god's words or not. Or wether god exists or not. If you come to the conclusion that god exists and these are his words and by definition he'll only ask you to do something good for you, then you just obey his orders.

The human mentality has a lot of flaws. For example if you were god would you create man? If you don't know the answer to this question then how will you question his point in us wearing hijaab or whatever.

free soul said...

welcome in my little world :)

about the first point, I want to clarify something:

i was talking about knowing the meaning of the order, not the "use" of it, and that is different, for example, if you take hijab as a hair cover, a girl can cover her hair and still wear clothes that are tight and that stuff, she didn't add up anything then, only when you know "what is the meaning" you know how to apply the order the right way

I agree with you, if we know what is the meaning of the order we should do it and let the answer of its use later

What I am talking about is to try to reach the soul of the order to know "how to apply it" that is so important or we will be acting and pryer will be just physical acts, hijab will be a custom and so on

I remember I asked my little cousine once, why do we pray 5 times not 2 times only but long prayers for example, she didn't answer, that is because no one ever made her think why we are praying at all!!!

Welcome again :)

jenny said...

Getting the real meaning of God's
order is very subjective-or
individual perception.As -- ancient customs were followed according to the favourable or unfavourable factors in that specific era n what ever we follow now is the continuation .

what ever it is we should not forget that

Yesterday is history,Tommorow is mystery

Today is a gift ,thats why it is called Present ,

so make ur present better but not at the cost of others.

free soul said...

jenny, orders of god has reasons, most of the time it carries more than what you can see on the surface, what I mean is by looking to its deep inside meanings, lots of aspects will show up and we will be able to do the orders in a better way by understaing it

the second point is about the orders that has no meaning until it is in a specific context, I am not so much in religious stuff but let me say, for example in our religion, alcohol is forbidden, but in the beginning of our religion it wasn't forbidden, if we get stuck to the words we will get confused by the two orders as in the first it states that it is not favorable, in the second it states directly it is forbidden, the point is, it is important to understand why the order came this way, right?

jews were ordered by god to enter egypt, if we remove this order from its context, should they leave all the world now to go to egypt?

I believe orders of god are fixed and should never change, they are ethical basis and upon them we build the rules that control our life based on the current context of our modern life condition