Sunday, August 07, 2005

Stairs of madness

60 years ago the first step in the stairs of madness was built by the US army when they dropped the bomb on Hirochima
It is said that Hirochima bomb was of no real need at that time and the japanese army was to surrender anyway

The same applies for the attack on Dresden, the big peaceful town that was the center of art and beauty in germany and may be in europe too

The two neuclear boms on Japan and the attack on dresden were factors to end the war quickly but with what cost!!

The attack on hirochima and nagazaki casused massive distruction and loss in humans, the effects lasted for many years, what made things much worse was the lack of knowledge of what was the used weapon for the attack and how to react with its injuries and hence, many thousands of the injuried died in hospitals (I will not describe the cause of their death here because it is a very painful thing and if I describe it you will hate the day you visited my blog :(

The attack on dresden was done in two waves of bombers, heavy bombers attacked the city in the first wave with a horrible amount of high charge bombs, the city was distroyed completely before the second wave arrive, when the second wave arrived the found a heave thick smoke could over the city but they didn’t decide to cancel and return, they threw their charge over the smoke coulds ending the small tiny hope left in finding survivers !!!

USA, Russia, China, France, Israel, Pakistan and India….

All those countries now own neuclear weapons, the old ones looks beside the new ones like kid rockets, in an american expirement on a new bomb a whole island vanised without a trace, in another one in Russia the scientist were thrown few meters away by the explosition that took place 60 miles away from their point and they felt their suits burning

That is the second step in the stair of madness, the third was to invent bombs that kills people without making destruction, they are now directing their intention to humans specifically!!

What will be the next step, will we see the effect of one of the new steps of madness soon some place on earth??

Sometimes I think that is funny, humans used to fight against nature but when they found nature not dangerous anymore they start to fight against eachother inventing everyday a new way to end their existance on this planet!!

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