Saturday, August 13, 2005

Psychology again: the need for nonsense

Returning to one of my best interests, psychology: D

In the past, in the critical exam times, I used to separate my different work hours with games and I used to do that almost every 2 hours that I stay for 15 or 20 mins playing games

I did great effort to convince my parents that this was important to clear my mind and useful to concentrate again in what I am doing

I have to note here that I wasn’t myself convinced enough with that, I was just telling them that to escape work for those minutes without them blaming me all the time

Later I came to read some articles about the “need for nonsense” which is the need to do something that doesn’t use your mind in between the times extensively using your mind, the only change was the direct remark that the separator should be a “silly stuff” from the point of view of mind usage, that is when I started to play “chicken invaders” and “worms” as a way to escape all big thoughts and ideas for few minutes

They say that the same need affects in common life, like in the time of Vietnam War, many silly plays that talks about just nonsense were introduced and had a very huge popularity.

Finally, I wanted to say that they say that our life is full of pressures now and that wave of “nonsense shows” is starting to blow again.

PS: the previous information were collected from TV shows and articles on the internet

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