Sunday, August 14, 2005

legends of the Nile: part1

They say Egypt is the mother lands of magic, to be more specific let me say, black magic

The old legend speaks about a young pharaoh who was in a cruise with some of his maids in the river Nile in his ship

Suddenly, his best maid lost her bracelet in the water, she got very upset and the pharaoh was really angry and worried, he called for his priests and his wizards, asking them to help, most of them announced that they can’t do a thing, some others claimed they can get it back in few hours, one of them came up and spoke saying he can get it in few moments, without he gets wet!!!

The pharaoh let him do it as you may expect, he used his magic powers and in moments the river turned into two different sides of water with a huge dry gab in between, the man came down and picked up the bracelet from the bottom of the river and gave it back to the girl

We will have other legends soon, Egypt is the land of magic legends and they are really interesting!


Anonymous said...

dear sir please sharing us in that ....
and also u can get the boster from ....

BaVaLoVa said...

ana mesh bet3gebny el kesas el 7`ayaleya, bas these legends are really interesting. bas ana mesh 3arfa homa kano beygeebo wa2t menen lkol da, ya3ny yektbo w yebno w y7anato.
el mohem, waiting for other legends

free soul said...

Hi bavalova, menawara :)

Actually, when it comes to black magic and egypt I can believe anything, you sure here about vodo magic and historically, the source of this black magic is egypt

why do you think the miracle of the prophet "musa" was a magic-like miracle? god sends a miracle relative to the greatest advantage of the nation it is directed to

wait until you read the next stories, some of them I myself don't believe :)

BaVaLoVa said...

ok i`m waiting and i`ll try to believe.

LEMNA said...

Hi dear pal:)
I am a bit busy these days as u have been sometimes ago with ur project, but i will become active again:D
I tried to take the exam, but as these damned guys have filtered the site i couldnn do it:(
See what a country we are living in!:))

free soul said...

bavalova, I know it doesn't look reasonable, but not everything seems reasonable is right, and not everything seems impossible is wrong either, I will expect to hearr your opinion when I write the next one

free soul said...

lemna, fly over the walls, no walls can prevent us from doing whatever we want, I am sad to know the recent acts against the common freedom of speech but I know you will overcome it (nation and person)

I wish I could do something to help :(