Sunday, August 21, 2005


Your generations is the worst, you are a silly generation, you have no real interests, you always blame the circumstances, you are irresponsible generation

Those are all crimes the previous generation throw in our faces all the time, no need here to state that they were in the same situation like us and were being blamed like us or even more.

First don’t misunderstand me , I don’t blame the previous generation because I didn’t live their time and I am just stating facts that makes me feel the future will be better and we should be optimistic.

We are not bad, actually I believe we are so good, our generation is much better from its previous, and I will justify why:

The previous generation, that one which received Egypt right after the war of 1973, what did he have?

He had better economical situations based on pure facts, no need to say that the simple governmental employee was able to live with his salary only and send all his children to schools until they graduate from university
more freedom: no matter what you think of the era of sadat, you can’t deny that the margin of freedom was much wider that time
Egypt was open to the whole world, the new strategies of the government was to allow every kind of building and investment in any field

Now let us judge what happened:

1. great deal of the previous generation solved his problems by traveling to the gulf and making money (that is not a crime)
2. when they returned to their mother lands either they worked to import goods or they saved their money in banks (great crime, it helped just to raise the prices and didn’t help to increase the production in any way)
3. they didn’t act to maintain freedom or develop it, they didn’t care for the political issues, and they even encouraged us (because they care for us of course) not to be part of the political life in Egypt, the result is we live in a country that we don’t know a thing about
4. in the last 30 years, the bribe became a very common thing, corruption is everywhere and somehow they are all responsible, if not by getting bribes then it is by paying it, if not then by shutting up when they see it

In the next post I will write the counter situation of our poor generation



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