Sunday, August 28, 2005

Emotions & Moments

When you are deeply lonely, and when you break a limit, you can’t simply get out of it

You need either a miracle or a hand, or may be a hand of miracle you can say

The miracle may be an event that shocks all of your conscious and energize you and open your eyes, it has to be strong enough to take your eyes out of your body and move it up higher to see your case from a different point of view and give you the well to move out of the circle of depression

The hand needs another hand, it means when the hand come to you it must find you already aware you are in trouble and in urgent need for help, you must not be too proud to accept it and it must find your hand ready and spreading to catch the hand of help, it rarely come twice I think

This hand will be from someone you care for, someone you respect and trust, someone you can guarantee your safety with and can follow in the dark knowing he leads you to the right way

The saddest moment when you fail to get someone out of this loop, when your hand return to you but empty

The most happy moment when you miss someone so much, wish to see that person from all your hear and open the door to find him there just asking for you, can you imagine that ?

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