Thursday, August 25, 2005


She turned off the siren of the ambulance while approaching the search point and moved slowly until she stopped the car in a long line

She is used to cross this search point all the time as violence always there, that is why she joined the red cresset anyway

Long rows of cars around her, no she won’t do her mission here, a lot of innocent civilians around her, she can’t do it here she thought

She crossed the point; she didn’t stay long as she used the professional card she had to cross.
She looked long to the card with the words written in bold font over it:

“Red cresset medical organization” just with her name, for the first time she noticed it didn’t include the religion or the country she works in!!

On a distance from the search point she stopped, she walked into the settlement trying not to draw much attention to her presence, it is hunting time then!

They were moving everywhere, with their kids, a kid waved to her, he looked so similar to her kid, and she left him with her blind grandmother

a cafe is a good target always, she moved to it while her mind is full of pictures, the ambulance, her friends, the flag, her self while trying to stop the blood of southands of the victims with no use, she tried hard to retrieve her kid’s image but all the time she saw that other kid in her mind waving for her and smiling!

She hit into that old man on front of the cafe, she threw the bomb inside the cafe and in a second it exploded…

With a lot of blood around her, screams and shouts, she wanted to go and help stop the bleeding but she couldn’t this time…

It was her own blood


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

u let me live with her in the explosion..

by the way.. you've been tagged again on "on my own" :)

ps: i scored 4 :$
looks i am dump.. huh?!

free soul said...

do you know what is more painful ?


this girl is right, she lost her husband and left her child for his destiny and went to blow her self in israel, she hit into an old man and blown her self with him, he was the only dead victim beside her :(

in a conference held lately in europe, I don't remember where exactly, an artist made a pool of like-blood water and put a small ship inside with her photo, the israeli embassador was so angry and wanted to destroy the place by throwing an elcetric wire in the pool

althoug I sympathy her of course, but I think what she did is verryyyyyyy wrong, it is a terroist attack no doubt