Tuesday, August 30, 2005

finally :D

I finally delivered the task I had at work!!

Let me till you the historical background of this very "nice" task

its original creator created it without much understanding because it is so silly and so complicated, he then decided to leave the company

they got him the first victim, my friend Amr who was supposed to get full understanding of the componenet before the original creator leave, I don't know what did the component do to him but he left the company just after 1 week of starting this component!!

finally it settled in my hands, I spent 22 days reading code, documents, a standard of 350 pages and asking questions that mostly has no answer :(

But finally it is done and the manager approved the final review document presented today :D

I am now listening to music I downloaded from bluelue homepage (Many thanks really :) )


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...
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Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

i am sorry for deleting the previous comment.. i posted that one by a real mistake..

anyways Congrats on ur codes..
"eeli yesbor yenol" :)

and u r more than welcomed for the music..
if u want more, just ask ;)
i'd do all i can to help

FROGGY said...

great. it is hard while working but quite a relief when finishing :)

free soul said...

lasto, thanks :) i had a wonderful day just the following day after i got myself out of this task

about the music, this is an offer I can't miss :D

froggy, it was quite a vacation !! waitting for more pics and stories from there :)

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

3o2balna ya 3am maged we enta elly kont 3ammal te2ol 2ahwa 2ahwa ... mashya ma3ak ahy ya 3am (Allahomma la 7asad ya3ny :-D )