Wednesday, August 24, 2005

To Master or not to Master

This is the question I can't reach an answer these days, should I go for post graduates or not?

I started recently to think of starting post graduates this year directly as I am still used for the nonsense of our beloved faculty -Engineering, communications- and already used on the stress of the exams and that stuff, also I work with one of the most important prof of the post graduates in Networks

just consider the following facts before you give me your opinion (I do need your opinion, need it badly)

  • I hate studying for long
  • I love networks and programming
  • I work in networks field with prof that teach in the post graduate
  • I work 8 hours 5 days per week
  • I love to live my life, this includes reading, writing, listening to music and other stuff
  • I have possible military service in the next febreuary (50% possible)
  • I have 7 days to decide or I will miss the chance to start this year
  • 2 of my friends already will start this year, another one may start the next year

writing these facts in points alone can be of great help :)

Now what do you think? can you help me ?



laser guy said...

go for it man

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

go go go for it all the way

make este5ara if you still hesitant

free soul said...

guys, are you basing your judgment on the points listed or not ??? don't just encourage me, I want to go for it but I am so hesitant :(

I will make estekhara soon

THANKS for the support :)

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

don't go maged ... law 3andak geesh haybahdelak fe el mozakra we hatet3ab geddan fe el doktorah , we law ma3andaksh , keda ba2a enta mish 7ateb2a 7'asran el sana de we 7atkammel fe el sho3'l we teb2a gasset el gaw min 7'elal so7abak elly 7ayed7'olo el sana de .. i see that !!

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

asdy fel el majesteer .. we el doktorah bardo law enta te3ebt fe el majesteer !!

free soul said...

walahi ya ahmad mesh 3aref a3mel eeh!!!

ana fe3lan tayeh :(

BaVaLoVa said...

karart wala lessa?
yaret t2ool weselt leh badal ma enta m7ayrna m3ak

free soul said...

I will apply tomorrow :(

I will give it a chance if i go to the army, i will postpone it and i may test in a subset of the subjects only to give my self more time, if i don't (which I hope of course) I will go for it with the rest of my friends (we are 3 now, 3 stupid crazy guys enought to return after we are released)