Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sources of evil

In humans, there is no devil and there will be no angel, we all have our mistakes and we all have both the devil and the angel inside, it just depends on which door do you open your heart for

I will be throwing here questions more than answers, trying to know what factors affect the door that we open, what makes us lock the door for the light and open the door and windows for the dark side in us

Of course I can’t at the moment list the factors that makes that possible but I will list the most things that I can see for now, those are:

• Discrimination
• Comparison
• Acceptance
• Chains of terrony
• Principles

I will start a new sequence of posts about those factors, I am currently thinking of making a new separate blog for this kind of posts related to society and human nature not to bather my beloved readers of this blog with the nonsense I keep my mind wandering in

What shall we start with now? We have already handled Loyalty
very long time ago; I think the next one we should start working on should be discrimination, especially in the current time

Meet you in the next post :)

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