Monday, October 31, 2005

Seeds of hatred

Few events passed by Egypt in this month of October but actually I wasn’t free much to think or see what is going on

Just recently, I started to analyze the facts gathered, I made a quick visit to the pal talk program to check what is going on, checked some famous suspected websites I even made some conversations with many parts representing different samples of the Egyptians, some of them I asked on purpose, some asked me to know my opinion in the current events

What I can see and can’t deny, there is a very wide tension in the relationship between Christians and Muslims in Egypt no matter how much we try to cover it or look civilized

According to my reading in history, the relationship between the two parts wasn’t always a honeymoon, in many cases it had similar tension but I can honestly say this time it is very critical and dangerous, it is wide spread in the Egyptians and that has a reason

The Christians have a deep feeling that we stole their country, that they don’t represent an important part of it anymore while they represent the initial citizens of this country, they are partially right about that but very wrong from a different point of view

Those who are ignored are not Christians only, it is Christians and Muslims, we both don’t represent anything in the control of this country and the reason is somewhere in the government buildings in Cairo

They think that the media is used only for Islamic material, they partially right but what they don’t know also is that the media broadcasts what it wants, it tailors Islam for its needs and didn’t and will never agree on any show that really serve Islamic purposes or make people aware of the nature of this religion and the real deep meanings it carry, they just broadcast shows all the time about how to worship god, but never about how to know god and the ethics related because they know the first thing those ethics will destroy is our fear and our long time acceptance for their terrony

By time, Muslims directed their minds and hearts to alternative sources like cassettes and cheap books sold in the streets or in public transportations, those sources that most of the time carried the seeds of hatred and step by step full generations were raised to cut the Christian side from the nation

The Christian nation is to blame here too, they didn’t try to restore their rights, to tell the Muslims we are not enemies, we are partners, they actually took the way of separation and got satisfied by living away from the hearts of their partners, again generations came believing in complete separation and counting Muslims as their enemies, this is because they found they can’t have some of their rights and they found Muslims don’t care, they so held them accused rather than relating it to the system controlling the country, playing with its future for some dirty political games
The seeds of hatred grew up more and more with the current situation in our area of occupation in Iraq and the stupid hatred-based ideas that spread that this war had a religious basic, a fairy tale that increased the gab between us, especially with the voices of some Christians asking for foreign interfere with their case in Egypt that people directly bounded it with Iraq as it is a call for invasion in Egypt

I can’t deny that some voices there really called even for foreign troops in Egypt to “protect Christians from the massive extermination that the Muslims are doing there!”

Along more than 50 years, the seeds of hatred have been planted and served all the time until it grew up to give us a very ugly plant that we see now

What is the answer??? How can we solve this?

I think we need to make people more connected to Egypt more than anything, loyalty is a very dangerous factor and the silly plays we give in 1973 celepration every year doesn’t help much, we need to introduce Egypt as a concept and one unit to the generations in more strong way

I believe also that religion must be given more care from both sides, especially in the conceptual side; we miss this side much, which can teach us the meanings of peace and love that, is found in both religions

I believe also that the freedom atmosphere needs to change, we don’t have inner freedom before we seek it from the government and we need to work much to introduce people into the space of open free ideas that can contradict in peace, when we learn how to live the freedom as a self experience, we will learn how to accept the fact that we were created different and that is what makes every human unique, to be different is to be alive and we must learn to accept different people

We must learn to be brave too, no more restrictions in any discussion, there are no more taboos in any field, taboos are being destroyed everywhere and new modern answers are being created each day, we must forget our restrictions and start discussing things that we were satisfied by accepting its ready-made answers we received very long time ago made by minds much out of our modern time

In brief, we must learn to be humans from the ground up, remove the dust of old stale ideas and build a brand new theory of life together, a brand new theory on how to think and act in all life sides not just in sides connecting Muslims and Christians.

Can we do that in a country with our state?? I wonder but I don’t lose hope, at least I am trying not to lose hope at the current moment

Note: wish me luck in my military service; I am applying my papers in a week from now


R said...

"but I can honestly say this time it is very critical and dangerous, it is wide spread in the Egyptians and that has a reason"
This is pretty true. The media is everywhere, the dishes are everywher... It's no longer possible for a small village to be separated. Everything now comes out...

All you said is to the point, but add to all this that there is nothing that really gathers Egyptians now: No "national" cause. No 1919 independence. No 1960's "High Dam". No 1973 Sinai liberation.

It's really scary.

As for the concerns of Christians y ou mentioned, it's not hard to judge whether they are "just claims" or they are significant. Just count the parliament members, the governors, the military generals, etc...
This may be interesting:

Christians in parliament

ensana said...

It seems that I have missed a lot the past few days.. I was quite busy.. I will proceed with our discussion Free Soul.. maybe today you'll find my posts but I was just wondering.. have you read my two comments to your last two on my blog.. I think you didn't.. you just thought that my post was my reply.. please check my replies and then we'll meet again for our discussion.. if you have.. just let me know!!

Thank you...

free soul said...

Dr ramy,

I didn't mean spread in media, i meant spread in people, it has a national base for discrimination now and that is what worry me

In the past we used to see (according to my limited historical background of this case) that discrimination as a culture was not there, tension comes for a reason and goes with the reason because it wasn't based on a belief

the problem is, let me tell you the base is a bad understanding of religions, at least i am talking about muslim side, and that what makes me worried, it is much easier to change a reason from changing a deep belief in those common simple people

about the claims, i believe they are claims only for a reason: neither muslims nor christians are "REALLY" represented in this parliament and the right decisions is to stand together ans say "no more decoy representatives" and to work to be really represented freely in the parliament, not based on any religion but only on qualification

about the current situation, I can't deny something is wrong and need to be fixed urgently, but sure the claims doesn't build in the right solution

I know those numbers and saw them in papers, on the net and i think on your blog too :)

free soul said...

ensana, Welcome back :)

I will reply your comments soon, I read them already

See you there

Zeinobia said...

good post
But Dr. Ramy not only the Chirstians need for presence in the Parliament but also the Muslim ,only NDP got presence there
Eid Mubarak Ya Maged

free soul said...

thanks zainab and Eid mubarak on us all

I agree with you, we live in a different state from that the NDP live in :)

another point i forgot, I agree with dr ramy totally, we as a nation most of the time act just under pressure, we are not under pressure of a direct danger on us now and that is why there is nothing directly gathering us

but this is another dangerous point, life can't go this easy way those days, urgent danger can't be stopped by an urgent move, there must be anticipation and long term preparation now because dangers are not as easy as the crusades in the past, it is much worse and if you are not prepared long before meeting it, they we must kiss this life good bye and prepare to fall